Where Heroes Dare! IN SPACE!!!!


So I decided to play around a little and try some Space Pulp using the Where Heroes Dare! rules.

A Cobalt mini I picked up a few years ago because I thought it was neat looking.

 "His body is created from a thousand fused Family Law Attorneys!"

 Intrepid heroes and heroine!  Some .45 Adventure mixed with Silver Sentinels.
Warriors from another dimension!

Tweaking the rules don't take much work to shift from 1930s Pulp to Pulp of the Future, robots are already in WHD!, locations can be changed to the Shard Forests of Hyperion 12, and Encounters can be Void Hounds instead of Wolf packs.

More to come,


  1. Love it! I'd want to do this as well. As MST3K once said "Turn up the Flash Gordon noise and bring in more science stuff!"

  2. Dang! A mutant killer lawyer! Great pulp idea, go for it!


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