Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It is at great personal peril that I now take you through the process by which the Glob, the Doom of Humanity, came into being. May God have mercy on my soul.

Here we can see the elements and tools needed for the Glob's creation, safely shielded by the Lab's solid walls of 3 inch thick Impervium.
Red Ink
Glue gun and glue sticks for said glue gun
Household cement
Decorative Marbles
Triple Coat Krylon Gloss spray

Here is a close up of the most important ingredients, the glass marble accents used to fill some banal vase of flowers, but here weaponized and used to create flesh eating Hell Jelly. They are highly reflective and flat on one side. Also noticeable is the Daeg Rune I received from the time I spent abducted by Norwegian Pirates on one of my Explorations of the North Seas, but that is another story...

Step 1: Glue the Glass beads to the washers/bases using a household cement, nothing fancy, just get them on there. You can fit more than one on if you want to create some variety.

Step 2: Fire up the hot glue gun, use about a stick, stick and a half on no more than 3 bases.

Step 3: You need a needle, piece of wire or similiar instrument. While the hot glue is still tacky, push into the glue with the pin and pull outward. This will create the tendrils with which the Glob will feed with.

Here I am performing this task. Notice how the Glob is becoming animate and lashing itself around the needle, sensing the heat of my flesh holding it. Be very careful at this point.

Step 4: Once the Globs have cooled and have gone into a state of hibernation, begin painting them with red ink. Here you can see some vintage GW ink that has lasted over 10 years.

The Globs receiving the coat of Red ink.

They begin to stir again...

Step 5: Seal the Globs now with the Gloss coat spray.

The Finished Terror...

More to Come,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It Came From The Stars!!!

A Meteorite from the Dark, Cold reaches of space slams into the town of Mongoville, startling the residents from their slumber, but worse things were to come...

"What is that thing Joe? Some...kinda...Glob?!"

Beware the Glob!

More to come...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

28mm USMC M60A1 MBT circa 1980, Phase2

Here is the painted finale of the M60A1 corgi diecast tank with some 1980's USMC from Mongrel Miniatures. I didn't bother to do the bustle rack, I could do it with some chicken wire, but I couldn't see it lasting with gamers.

I think this about does it for my Marine force, still have some more stuff to do for my 80's project though. More to come...


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Battle on Genosha IV

Did a test run of some Scifi Fantasy rules I've been toying around and used Star Wars minis for the game. So here we are on the planet Genosha IV with the Clones defending against a droid assault force.
The Table.

Defenses are laid and positions taken.

"Wait till you see their optic sensors!"

Fast support awaits the signal to attack behind the rock face cover.

Droids supported by grav tanks advance.

"Wait for it.."

Troopers rain death down on the enemy only to be torn apart from return fire.

A Jedi advances with a squad escort.

Troopers open up from the other cliff, but are forced back by Gravtank fire.

Sith and Droids advance by cover

Gravtank is taken out by the Republic tank after it pops up from cover and smokes it.

Still they advance.

Super Battle Droids get pinned down by the Republic tank.

Droids advance under cover, Roger, Roger.

The troopers scale down the cliff face to hold the objective.

Suppressing fire!

The Jedis advance on the Sith.

Force push knocks back a squad of droids.

The Jedi comes under fire from all sides as the troopers drop around him.

More droids thrown back with the Force.

The Jedis try to attack together, but one is thrown back with Force push.

Droids are shot down and Force Crushed, but the Sith manages to rally and take the objective. Mass fire from overwhelming droid forces tear down the Jedi and what seemed like a victory for the Republic, goes to the Separatists.

More to Come,