Friday, March 29, 2013

Modern Afghanistan Game using Iron Ivans Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy

Some pics of a Moderns Afghanistan that Rob and I played using his US forces vs my Muj.

The scenario was an 8 turn game using Iron Ivan Games's Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy.

The US convoy of Bradleys need to get to and secure the broke down bearcat. The Muj have an ambush prepared and reveal as activated. Also the Muj have one reserve ambush team that they can activate where any civilian is placed. The civilians can't be engaged.

The game went brutal at first with RPGs flying everywhere. After running the gauntlet Rob's US forces begin to take hits and two Bradleys are lost to RPGs with the crews and passengers inside. Rob quickly disembarked his remaining infantry and began neutralizing the Muj.

High points include some TOWs blowing Muj out of buildings, a sniper counter attack and brutal house fighting with the Muj command. In the end the US forces won in a game that took about an hour and a half with set up.

More to come!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Printable 54mm Gladiator Arena for Victus

I've had a few friends ask about Arenas for Victus especially for 54mm. Victus can be played at any scale, but I picked 54s personally because I wanted to change up my usual painting and I love the heroic scope of the game in the larger scale.  So then comes the next question of an Arena.

Not all the Gladiator games had to be in the sands, what about the worn courtyard of a noble who was a Gladiator enthusiast?  Maybe a Lictor or Senator would throw a party and what better show than on a mosaic tiled floor that has seen more than it's fair share of shield scrapes and blood.

Below is a copy of the Arena I made for 54mm, I scaled the hexes to 2.125 inches since my Glads are based on 2 inch hex bases that are actually bathroom tile.

I had to print this 4 times at 11 x 17 and then used a glue stick to mount it onto foamboard.

More to come,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cold Wars 2013

Okay, Pictures Time!

Unfortunately the room we were in for Cold Wars didn't have the best lighting, but here they are:

 Keith's Point Blank WW2 game with Partisans vs the SS in Russia

Greg's American Civil War Game

 Mark and Jon's WW1 Tanga Battle game

 Keith's Point Blank Post Apocalyptic Game

 "This way to the Marylin Manson Concert!"

 Rob's Weird War 2 game using Point Blank

 Snow Nazis!

 Great fun!  More to come,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is Victus? By Iron Ivan Games

What is Victus?

Victus is a man vs man combat sport game set in the Ancient world of the Roman Gladiator, brought to you by Iron Ivan Games.

In Victus you can play a one off game with speedy ruthlessness against an opponent to settle old scores or immerse yourself in the world of the Roman Gladiator through the Campaign system, Path to Primus.

You enter the sands as either a Servus (slave) or an Auctoratus (free man who has sold himself to the school for money) and begin your journey to pay off your Life Debt and attain Glory.  Players choose their Origins, their fighting style and enter the world's deadliest duel.

Victus takes you through this world of Fame and Violence in a vivid, illustrated 52 page book that gives you everything you need.

Use the Dynamic Movement system to maneuver your way through attacks and deal out death with the Ability Pooling system to your adversary.  Gain Disciplinii to use for your survival, gain denarii to buy your freedom, and gain favor to build your alliances! The Fortuna table creates the story of your Gladiator inside and out of the Arena.

Miniatures?  Sure they are great, but you can play Victus in seconds using the easy to assemble, supplied paper models on the back cover and an arena inside the book.  Test your skills, hone your prowess and then make the investment.  Victus gives you all you need!

Available now from Iron Ivan Games

Meet you on the sands,