Sunday, July 12, 2015

15mm Star Wars AT-DP

I got another piece put together for my 15mm Star Wars forces, this time an AT-DP used in the Rebels tv series:

Pictured with are Rebel Mini Titan Marines painted up as Clone Troopers.

The AT-DP is a vehicle that saw use between the 2 trilogies:

I got it from this set of the 54mm Star Wars command:

So, you get a walker for about $10.  Not bad when you consider a resin walker usually runs $15 or more.

Great vehicles for police actions on back water planets where the Rebel forces plot their attacks.

More to come,

Monday, July 6, 2015

15mm Alien Legion Part 2

I got a few more 15mm Alien Legion minis done.  Figures are from Khurasan.  This gives me a total of about 4 fire teams now.


Nomad so Far!

More to come,