Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is Where Heroes Dare!

So what exactly is Where Heroes Dare!?

Where Heroes Dare! is a ruleset fro recreating the action and adventure of the 1920’s-1930’s Pulp Fiction and Movie Serial genre. This is the period of amazing heroes and dastardly villains in a larger than life world that spans the globe. From the mean streets of Chicago to the forgotten steps of Petra, these rules will bring all the action, mystery and adventure to your table.

Inside Where Heroes Dare!

So how does it work?

Where Heroes Dare! is a point based game system that allows players to make up their own teams consisting of 3 different classes of Characters; Leads, the stars of the show, Companions, the confidants and second in commands, and lastly Supporters, the nameless minions and allies in the story. Each class of Character is allowed so many points toward Abilities, Shticks, and Gadgets and Gear. Abilities are the statistics that allow a Character to fire his gat, punch through a Tong gangster, or rally his broken men. The Dare ability is the core mechanic of the game which governs the Character’s endurance, reasoning power for clues, ability to perform feats, and use his Shticks. Shticks are the flavor of the Character making him a back street brawler or Tibetan mystic depending on your choices. Gadgets and gear can vary from the average Luger to a Detonation ray or Rocket packs. In Where Heroes Dare! Mad Science is unleashed, from ray guns to Giant robots or even disappearing belts. It’s all there.

So how many figures do I need?

In Where Heroes Dare! players may field as little as 3 figures or as many as 30 depending on their style of play. Characters can be made with lots of extras for deep, single combat or speed lined Characters with only a few extras can be fielded to make larger games. You can even combine different styles on the table between players.

What about Vehicles and Airplanes?

Where Heroes Dare! Allows players to field vehicles ranging from tanks to speedsters, airplanes to tchankas and even artillery all in the easy to use Iron Ivan Games form. What better way to take on a Giant Robot than with some good old landships? It’s all in there and with a little adjustment on points, any Iron Ivan supplement can be used to bring in even more vehicles.

Is this a straight up shooting game or is there more plot?

Where Heroes Dare! is a plot driven game with the focus on the Leads of the story. Dare! locations and generators are used to create mysteries, traps, helpful clues, and victories for all the forces on the table. The Campaign Generator is an easy way for players to create games quickly and to develop chapters randomly for their ongoing story. Also watch your fortunes change after each game with the Perils and Fortunes tables that carry effects to your Characters from game to game.

What size playing area do I need?

Where Heroes Dare! can be played on a 2’ x 2’ area up to a 4’ x 8’ area depending on the number of models and players involved. For small 600 – 1,000 pt games a 3’ x 3’ table is more than ample.

What is the release date for Where Heroes Dare!

Nov 6th at the Fall In convention is the release date, come by our stand or visit after the Fall In weekend.

I hope this has helped to answer some questions that might arise and as always questions are welcome here at the Iron Ivan Games Yahoo group site:

To be continued…


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Where Heroes Dare!

Tonight we did a special game of Where Heroes Dare! in our Club for Halloween with an Innsmouth/Lovecraft theme. The insidious Cult of Al led by the dual Grand Magisters of Al and Professor Stine contacted the Deep Ones in a bid to summon their great God, Cthulhu into the world of man. Only the world's finest Heroes could stop them. The game had 8 players, 5 good attacking, 3 bad defending with the forces of evil attempting to summon the Big C each turn. on the table were scattered Dare! locations with Grimoires to aid in summoning, Anti- Tank Rifles, Shambling Horrors, and Amulets of Banishment. The Evil forces were 2 players commanding the cultists and one player with the Deep Ones who were attempting to summon the big guy each turn. Good consisted of a 3 person team of Vigilante's known as Gangland's Doom, the Innsmouth P.D., the US Rocket Corps, the Order of Malta, and the World Adventurers of Mark C. Andrews. game length was 6 turns with fierce combat between both forces. A Rocketeer blew up in mid air wounding his team mates as deadly Cultist fire finished off Captain Achilles. The war priest Father Vile with his companion Hogan ended up getting torched at the othe end of the table, but slowly the forces of good forced evil back toward the sea. Max Archer, a detective discovered a Grimoire, but was driven insane and routed and the rocketeers discovered a hidden tunnel allowing them to out flank the Deep Ones. By turn 5 all seemed lost for evil as they suffered heavy losses in both Dire Duels and Howling Heater fights, but then Cthulhu was summoned just as all seemed lost. The great Elder Beast strode across the water as bullets fell harmlessly around it. The forces of good tried to use the found anti-tank rifle and even a disinegration ray against it, but failed to hit their mark. Hope laid in a amulet of banishment, but it was found by a Cultist who was then consumed by another Cultist who was transformed into a shambling spawn. Another turn went by with the Great One's Baleful eye destroyin the disinegration ray and the Professor carrying it as the Heroes tried one last time to bring him down, but failed. Cthulhu had risen from the black sea and now all mankind must run in terror...

Big thanks go to Al and Rlee for all their Deep Ones and Cultists, Mark for his Roy Chapman Andrews team, Mongo for the Giant Cthulhu, Captain Roshon for his docks, Six Feet Under Games for the tables, and all the players for slinging it out.

DocThe Big C has arrived!

Another shot of the Big Guy's arrival

"Cthulhu Fthagn!"

A table view from the Evil side...

Where Evil Lurks...with flamethrowers!

Detective Bull Drummond leads the I.P.D.

The US Rocket Corps on the move!

The Disinegration Ray Rifle toting Professor Zoss!

The Deep Ones

Detective Max Archer routed by insanity from reading that which should remain unread!

The Cult of Al advancing!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Heroes Dare!

I have added a few more pics of figures I have painted fro Where Heroes Dare! mostly Pulp Figures with a Gun Moll from Copplestone Castings.

"Oh yes, not to worry boss sir, this place lousy with Yetis"

The Phantom Blue Blood, his Gun Moll, Cruella, and his bitchin' ride.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue Knights!

I just finished dropping in the final art for the Where Heroes Dare! book which means it's next stop is the printer and will be available at Fall -In. Also finished painting some of my Pulp Figures Police which were excellent. Evil Beware! Justice has arrived!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Above are some of my finished Old Glory Spaniards for the Spanish American War. I need to do some Rough Riders and support elements to get a game going, but it's starting to come together. I plan on adapting Iron Ivan Games Price of Glory rules for the period. I have enough Spanish style buildings, but will still need to make some jungle terrain and maybe a block house.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Something Wicked this way Comes...

A special Halloween game is being prepared for our local Club using the Where Heroes Dare! rules. The end of man has come to the small fishing town in 1933 New England known as Helsmouth and it is up to the world's greatest Heroes to stop it! To be Continued...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wait for it...Wait for it...

The submission of edits is underway for the Where Heroes Dare! rules for Pulp and Movie Serial tabletop adventure. Players can construct a team of Characters that can be as little as 3 models or as much as 40 models per player. Inside you'll find rules for Casting your adventures, Shticks, Gadgets and Gear, Vehicles, Airplanes, and even Giant Robots, but that's not all! Also included is a Chapter Generation and Campaign system to get your games rolling. Tentative release of the book is the Gettysburg Fall-In Convention in November so stay tuned...


Tower of Blood!

Another night of Gamma Action. Last night the players managed to get reunited only after Cormac was able to find a Restorationist party led by Dugg the Builder. In their camp he picked up additional medical training from the Healer, Jaxxon, attached to Dugg's force. Meanwhile Roshon, Rylla, Kella, Sarin and Mongo were attacked by Seps, Land Sharks, and Mongo lost a big chunk of trunk from the voracious monsters. Cormac and the Restorationists arrived in time to rescue them and they proceeded to their destination south of Arksburg, the Grain Tower. Dugg's team was sent to make this tower an outpost for the Restorationist city of Nuesite and the players were brought in as extra muscle to take the tower from the Badders that made it their home.

The Roshon and Cormac rained death on the guards of the tower with .22 and crossbow fire while Sarin and Mongo closed the gap to assault. The Badders used a gong and 55 gallon drums of blood to attract Seps to defend the grounds turning them into a bloody sea. Mongo and Sarin managed to climb the tower avoiding the Seps as debris was thrown down at them. Once on top of the tower, deadly melee ensued which was again costly to Mongo, but Sarin saved him from near death. The tower was secured by nightfall and the Badders were destroyed. Loot was found amongst the ruins such as a pair of IR goggles and more armor. Dugg the Builder thanked the heroes and christened the tower Horizon. Who now knows what lies ahead....out in the wastelands....