Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dacoits of Death!

Dacoits of Kong Fang are no longer the mere mortal sycophants of the malevolent mandarin, but deadly living vessels of brutal spirits. The host bodies were changed through alchemy and the insidious soul binding arts to create these mindless warriors who walk between two worlds for their master, Kong Fang.

Kong Fang flanked by his Dacoit guards.

"Go my slaves, go and kill for your Master!"

Using the Where Heroes Dare! zombie rules, Kong Fang adds more minions to his Horde.
And here is the final creation of Kong Fang, waiting to be awoken from it's long slumber...
More to come...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009



These statues have been brought to life by the dark arts of Kong Fang, vessels filled with a 1,000 Demons and bound to their Mandarin Master!

Using the Where Heroes Dare! rules I will stat these guys out as Giant Robots and will add some heavy support to the forces of Fang!

More to Come


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back to the House, Back to the House of Fang!

I finished painting up a few more Pulp goodies for upcoming Where Heroes Dare! gaming. The miniatures are Copplestone Castings, Pulp Figures, and some Reaper beasties. All were a joy to paint.

"I do say Szechuan, bit of an evil sorcerer theme this bloke has going on in here eh?"

"Go, GO and devour the effete vermin of the West my pets!"

"Now is not the time to argue about why you are not old enough to smoke young man!"


Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Long Tomb of Doom...

Work has begun on the next Chapter of Shield of the Gods campaign game slotted for Cold Wars 2010, picking up after the Devil at Delphi is The Long Tomb of Doom. Helping me was none other than Dr. Mindbender's apprentice, Mongo. Deep within his Lab/Playroom we began feverishly studying pictures of The Great Wall of China and cutting foam.

A key ingredient to any project, wood glue which is used to glue the foam pieces together.

The Great Wall begins to take shape. The table itself will be 4 2' x 2' tiles that the wall will rest upon separately.

The wall itself will be 3 separate pieces and represents a long forgotten, ruined section which is hiding the entrance to Kong Fang's lair.

Interior of the building section of the wall.

Another view of the progress.

Bricking has begun with a soldering gun, burning in details and brick lines.

To be continued...


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Armageddon in the Atlas Mountains!

This is the final Chapter to the 3 part Where Heroes Dare! game that I played with our local Club's Lead Archivist, Al and his nefarious Sky Pirates. My Hero, Ace Drummond, followed the Pirates deep into the Altas Mountains where they planned to make the goods exchange with a secret buyer, little did the buyer know that the meant to double cross him. Either way, crime had to pay and Ace with his stalwart companions were there to see it happen!

The Atlas Moutains.

Another view.

The Sky Pirates conduct a strafing run and the Legionaires take the brunt of the attack!

Our Heroes move to capture the mountain.

The Sky Pirates led by Captain Roxy ascend!

Deadly fire is exchanged amongst the rocks.

Hogan, Man of Might, takes the Dare! Location, only to be dropped by fire from the plane!

Rugged Darla scales the rock face with ease.

A precarious position for Roxy and her gang, time to extricate!

Ace arrives on the top to put down evil!

In the end it came out as a minor win for good as Ace Drummond was able to get the goods the Pirates hoped for, but was unable to get back the Ray Proof Suit. Next time Roxy, next time!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Madness in Morocco!

The second Chapter following Big Trouble in Little Trainyards finds our Hero, Detective Ace Drummond, tracking the Sky Pirates of Captain Roxy to Morrocco where they plan to exchange their stolen goods, a Ray Proof Suit, for their promised wage, but Ace secures the local French Foreign Legion and some old friends to stop them .

Morocco in Doctor Merkury's Lab

Another view.

The rugged Darla advances into the palace grounds with her legionaires.

Drummond's old war buddy Hogan leads a group of Berber Allies up to a Dare! Location.

Roxy blows down the door to the palace looking for her contact.

After navigating the camel swollen streets, Ace heads for a Dare! location with legionaires.

Team Hogan discovers a lost idol, but still no sign of the Pirates contact!

Add ImageThe Pirates find Abduhl Amin, their contact. Now time to escape!

The Bridge collapses trapping Caesar, Ace's trusty bulldog, leaving him no choice but to carry onward without him.

Ace hustles toward Roxy's band.

The Legionaires exchange vicious fire with the Pirates!

The Pirates jump from the palace roof into the waiting truck while taking fire!

The Pirates made good their escape even under withering fire. Ace was short a few Berbers and Legionaires, but he still had a case to close. Next up the final Chapter in the Atlas Mountains!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Gamma WALT

Our Heroes found themselves trapped in the Post Apocalyptic amusement park known only as FUN LAND. Escorted in by stun staff wielding, robed, Mouse masked or Duck Masked silent Guardians, they were processed and forced to work 20 hour days at rides that no one used and food service stands that for a half hour of each day dispensed a purple liquid that smelled like meat. The players sabotaged the rides they were at and managed to overtake some of the Guardians discovering that each had WALT's head on it's body, but with spidery legs. WALT was the man on all the vid screens telling them what to do. The adventure ended with the players crashing the Walt's Wild Rocket ride into Walt's Castle destroying everything. Buried in rubble the players have many mysteries to solve; What is Walt? Why were there headless bodies in the Rocket? Where was the rocket going? And did the Guardians survive the blast?

More to come...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where Heroes Dare! on the Dollar Menu!

Looking for something quick and easy for your game tonight? Try out a scenario that Iron Ivan Games has available in their Dollar Menu. Take the work out of your game with a pre-made scenario or use it to enhance a game you had planned, all for $1. Our first offer is a scenario for our Pulp action game, Where Heroes Dare!, but you can easily adapt it to your favorite rules as well. 8 pages of illustrated Pulp adventure in an easy to download .pdf puts the action on your table in an instant. Give it a try today.