Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cold War Gets Hot!!

Another night of gaming with Army Group York. Tony ran an excellent game of Fistful of TOWs 3 set in 1984. The Red Horde swept into West Germany looking to secure bridges and only a few units of the British Army Of the Rhine.

Comrade Steev swept in with twin hinds while Comrade Dieterov and I assaulted on the ground. After several turns of sniping tanks and artillery the advance was ground to halt. Thanks again to the guys in York and especially Tony for running it. May need to dabble back into 6mm...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Assault on Lidderbachs XII

Had a chance to try the scifi rules that Chal has been working on for Iron Ivan Games and had some fun.

Forces were an elite, powered armor Kzin like force commanded by me vs the rag tag mining militia force commanded by Keith.

Game play went fast with both of us using command points to activate units. Highlights include the miners torching some of my murder kittens and my cats retaliating with beam weapons on full bore. Tried some defoliant grenades to clear brush and used the activate the same unit multiple times to take advantage of the enemy's maneuvering. Lots of good stuff coming up!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

When in Rome...

So awhile back Mongo and Todd helped me test some Gladiator rules I've been working on with some good results.

Below are some images from the matches. We had a Stantes (Draw) in the first match and in the second match a Missus (Mercy) was granted to the Retiarius who lost his hand to Toddimus Maximus's gladius.

More to come!

The Battle of Tewkesberry 1471

I recently played a game of Armati with the York pa game club, Army Group York.

We had 3 vs 2 players with us of Lancaster taking the Lancaster side:)

Game play went for 4 turns, archers devasted the Lancaster Cavalry charge killing the general while the York cavalry laid into the other flank held down by men at arms.

Great game, haven't played Armati in years but it went smooth. Extra thanks to the Yorkies for putting the game on and getting me to dust of my Lancaster forces.

Next time York! Next time...