Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kong Fang's Underground Lair Part 3

Eight feet of Hell!

Four 2 foot x 2 foot sections of cavernous doom.

The boards were primed black using flat black enamel spray paint. No worries on it dissolving the foam after it had been Dullaroyed with wood glue and sand from part 2.

I did a general sloppy, rough brushing of a dark green, followed by red + gray, followed by a light cream, and finally a yellow all while the paint was still wet and tacky. It gave a lot of variations to the color of caverns which is what I wanted.

Here is Ying Fang beside one of the mercury pools in the front. The mercury pools are silver acrylic with a black ink wash while still wet.

The final step was applying a triple coat clear gloss to the caverns to give them a wet, limestone kind of look. Not an inviting place to be, but perfect for the evil minions of Kong Fang.

More to come,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kong Fang's Subterranean Lair Part 2

The Madness Continues...

A healthy coat of emasculating plaster for texture.

Which dries to a manly shade of John Wayne white.

Another view.

Now the armoring coat of Dullaroy, a secret blend of wood glue, water, and sand rendering said terrain piece "Nigh Invulnerable". Once dry it will be all kinds of tough and ready for painting.

To Be Continued

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lair of Kong Fang Part 1

What Evil Lurks beneath the Long Tomb of Doom? The very lair of Kong Fang!

Mongo was foolish enough to give me several cans of spray insulation to begin the work on the final table for Cold Wars 2010.

Here a mad dream takes form. Soon damp caverns will begin taking shape along with pools of mercury. Is this the source of Kong Fang's longevity?

The next step will be a coat of plaster followed by sand and wood glue.
To be Continued....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Long Tomb of Doom Part 3


Here is none other than Mongo's very own Phantom mini giving scale to the Long Tomb of Doom.

Painted and flocked, it breaks down into 7 pieces and will have some free standing trees and such.

Another view.

Northern China in Where Heroes Dare!

And last view. Test run of the Cold Wars game will be in a few weeks with Kong Fang matching wits with the US Rocketeers led by Captain Achilles.