Sunday, November 23, 2014


I've put up a few pics from the Traveller rpg scenario that master traveller Mark, of the blog daddyslittlemen, ran for a bunch of us at the Army Group York hq.

The scenario was the third adventure in the Project Steel scenario book. Had a lot of fun roleplaying my Vargyr character Rex as our band of misfits set out to earn some scratch.

The scenario had a very horror (think John Carpenter) feel to it with lots of intrigue and mystery building up to a big confrontation with the antagonist. I won't give anything away, but would recommend finding a GM to run it for you.

Highlights of the game involved negotiating contracts, mitigating pirate corpses, and having a mini cannon explode in my face.

The minis Mark used to run the game were from a host of manufacturers, and amazing collection!

More to come,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

More 15mm Clone Wars

I got some Rebel Minis Titan Troopers that I'm proxying for the Utaupa variant Clone armor in the Clone wars.  Below are some images with some of the Star Wars Titanium vehicles:

Beside a Republic Fighter Tank, love these in the Battlefront games

Another view

With a ISP Swamp Speeder

With a Sand Crawler Micro Machines toy.

More to come,

Friday, November 7, 2014

15mm Gamma Goodnesses

I got a few more 15mm pieces done for some Gamma World games:

Some Khurasan meanies

More Khurasan, Mutant Mantis Madnesses!!

Khurasan in the front, some Oddzial zombies in the back.

Rebel Mini gas masker and a splintered light creepy

Khurasan again.

Everybody in the RV!!

Some Splintered light  Arkish and Hawkoids.

More to come,