I've put up a few pics from the Traveller rpg scenario that master traveller Mark, of the blog daddyslittlemen, ran for a bunch of us at the Army Group York hq.

The scenario was the third adventure in the Project Steel scenario book. Had a lot of fun roleplaying my Vargyr character Rex as our band of misfits set out to earn some scratch.

The scenario had a very horror (think John Carpenter) feel to it with lots of intrigue and mystery building up to a big confrontation with the antagonist. I won't give anything away, but would recommend finding a GM to run it for you.

Highlights of the game involved negotiating contracts, mitigating pirate corpses, and having a mini cannon explode in my face.

The minis Mark used to run the game were from a host of manufacturers, and amazing collection!

More to come,


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