Friday, March 31, 2017

28mm GI Joe SHARC

Another 3D printed piece, the GI Joe SHARC. A pretty versatile game piece, good for water and air. Beside it is a Reaper Chronoscope Seal miniature that I have painted up as Torpedo.

More to come,

28mm Cobra Ferret for 1980's Pulp

I got a 3D printed Cobra Ferret painted and thought I would share. This vehicle was designed to be Cobras answer to the Joes RAM cycle. I got to say, the missiles don't look too safe!

More to come,

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ARBCO Star interior

With the Assault on The ARBCO Star gaming looming, I made some interior details of the ship for 28mm play.  I used the actual dimensions of the physical ship by TTCombat, but ended up enlarging it by 150% for ease of play.

Overall shot of the lower hold with paper printed freight containers. Also some Ainsty and other scatter interior terrain.

Spirit and Snake Eyes sneak onboard.

In the main cargo hold.

Cobra trooper on parole.

Cobra trooper investigates the lower hold.

Scarlet confronts Dr. Venom!

The Cobra trooper holds down the fuel storage.

Tomax and Xamot investigate the warning alarm.

More to come,

Sunday, March 26, 2017

28mm Modern Oil Rig

I've been putting together some terrain for an upcoming 1980's Pulp game, inspired by a table set up I had seen at a Fall In convention locally. I decided that I would use the excellent Systema Mdf terrain for the buildings and structures on top of the platform. I can't speak highly enough of these pieces, extremely well made and plenty of directions to show how they went together.

The base of the platform itself, a 2' X 2' piece of 2 inch thick foam. I duct taped the edge for durability and then coated it in wood glue and sand. Final it was painted gray and white with spray paint and some light air brushing.

Systema Gaming buildings, very easy to assemble and fit together perfectly with very little clean up.

More shots of the Systema pieces.

A close up with a 28mm Pulp 80s Commando

The walkways

Shot showing how it links together.

Some finished shots with the ARBCO Star freighter from previous posts.

Another view. The platform is resting on cheap plastic crates that were painted.

The Major and a trooper on the walkways.

A Reaper figure painted up as GI Joe Torpedo, sneaks up on a Shapeways printed SNAKE robot.

Painted walkways

A crane which was a 3D printed piece from the Thingverse USS Flagg model that Jabberwock created.

Another Thingverse USS Flagg piece, a turret, as a Hasslefree Baroness exits from a Shapeways printed FANG.

The Commander inspects the facility. Again the antennae is another USS Flagg piece.

Painted Systema buildings and a 3D printed radar disc. These pieces will be objective markers that must be secured or destroyed.

More walkways with troopers patrolling.

Another view with 2 Cobra Hydrofoils printed from Thingverse.

More to come,

Neo Tokyo Police Skimmers

I've finished some more Ghost In the Shell 15mm cyberpunk vehicles.  These are The Bat from that gawd awful 3rd Christian Bale Batman movie. You know the one where they kept telling you the auto pilot was out? The one with marble mouth Bane? Yep that's the one. Well I saw the matchbox toy of the vehicle and thought it would make perfect cyberpunk police craft.

More to come, Doc