ARBCO Star interior

With the Assault on The ARBCO Star gaming looming, I made some interior details of the ship for 28mm play.  I used the actual dimensions of the physical ship by TTCombat, but ended up enlarging it by 150% for ease of play.

Overall shot of the lower hold with paper printed freight containers. Also some Ainsty and other scatter interior terrain.

Spirit and Snake Eyes sneak onboard.

In the main cargo hold.

Cobra trooper on parole.

Cobra trooper investigates the lower hold.

Scarlet confronts Dr. Venom!

The Cobra trooper holds down the fuel storage.

Tomax and Xamot investigate the warning alarm.

More to come,


  1. The floor plan looks great, did you design it yourself or was this downloaded and adjusted to you needs?

    1. Thanks! This was done by myself in Photoshop and then printed tiled and glued together.

  2. Looks very good dude. I hope the Cobra trooper finishes his Parole Cobra commander will not be pleased if he finds out! :)


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