Friday, October 20, 2017

28mm Modern Building interiors

I decided I would like to make up some "Facility" interiors to be used in Modern, Pulp, or Horror tabletop games.

Looking through various options, the most affordable and least time intensive was to do printable terrain mounted on foamcore.

A friend from a FB gaming group recommended this to me:

So far so good, I've only pieces together a few components to get a feel for it.

Pictures can be seen below with some of my 1980's Pulp project figures:

Here is the first room assembled. I purposely left a wall removable so pictures could be taken.

Interior cabinets are from Ainsty and a toy eraser painted for a table.

I ended up using gatorboard as it is more durable.  Going forward I plan to assemble the walls but not glue them to the floor tile so they can be removed to access the interiors easier for gaming.

More to come,