Monday, December 28, 2015

A day of gaming at Army Group York

I had a chance to game with the guys at Army Group York for the day.

First game we played was a 6mm samurai game run by Steve who used Greg's ACW ruleset, Altar of Freedom, adapted for the period.

I advance my army against Greg's

And I suffer horrible rolls all throughout the game but Greg also hits my weakest forces with his strongest, rolling up my flank.

A look at some of my last moments!

Lots of fun and the rules were very easy to pick up.

Next I dug out some of my Spanish Covil War stuff to run a 28mm game using Iron Ivan Games Primera Batalla rules.

This was a early war scenario, 1936, with FAI militias and Asaltos trying to take a building captured by Franco's Army of Africa and rebel Guardia Civile forces.

Some Morrocans of the Army of Africa, figures by Empress and Force of Arma.

Spanish Foreign Legionaires

Loyalist militia forces

The rail line.

Panzer I of the Spanish Foreign Legion.

An anarchist Tiznao.


And more

A FT-17 on the train.



In the end the Rebels won, I should have set less defenders and added some flanking forces.

Last game I got to play was Hammerin iron which was an Erican Civil War naval game.

We each got 2 ships to use. Rules played very fast and easy and I quickly lost my cottan clad ship!

Thanks to the club for hosting the games and letting me drag my stuff in.

More to come, Doc

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Harkilon Grav Tanks in 15mm

I got some GZG tanks done for my 15mm Harkilons for some Alien Legion games.  I wanted some armor that would look more like the Alien Legion art and found the GZG stuff to be a good fit.

More to come,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

15mm Anime Cyberpunk

I got a few more pieces done from Darkest Star games for my Cyber Punk project.

 The Major tackles some Government Hard Suits

 Bomo and Aramaki arrive

Tachikoma provides support!

Briareus leads the fire team.

More to come,

Monday, November 30, 2015

An Iron Ivan Gaming day at Army Group York, Part 1

I had the opportunity to game some Seek Out, Close With and Destroy at the Army Group York gaming club just recently with the rule book's author, Chal and Greg who wrote Altar of Freedom.

The premise of the game was a What If? of 1982 Lebanon with the USMC being cleared of their restrictive ROE to clear a Druse FO post that was being used to shell the Marines positions.

The table, a ramshackle settlement occupied by the Druse militia.

Another view

 The Druse have fortified their positions with DSHKs and Recoiless rifles.

USMC led by Chal and Greg enter the table edge with support from a LVTP-7.

 And some armor by way of a M60 MBT.

 The Druse also have a T34/85 placed in a building.

 USMC advances with smoke for cover.

 The Druse open fire with snipers, rpgs and heavy weapons.

 The T34 gets brewed by an ATGM!

Marines fall back under heavy fire on the right flank and attempt to go up the left.  In the end the Druse were able to repel the USMC for 4 turns, but not without losses.  Fun game with a lot of asset management.  Thanks to all that played!

More to come,

Battletech Additions

I got 2 more lances painted from my Battletech box set.

The venerable Eridani Light Horse mercenaries.

The House Marik 2nd Marik Protectors

More to come,

Old Enemies Return...more 15mm Star Wars

An old enemy reappears from Kenobi's past!

 2 Protocol Droids advance with Kenobi.

 Grievous reborn!  The Grievous is a micro machine repaint.

 Droids by Ground Zero Games

A smuggler and his companion arrive!

More to come,

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some 15mm Space guys that Guard the Galaxy

Some more 15  Scifi, this time for the more Fantasy based Science Fiction.  These are my Guardians of the Galaxy proxies, fun models to paint.

 Drax and Gamora

 Starlord man

Groot and Rocket

I plan on statting them out in Age of Saints to use for some Scifi skirmishes.

More to come!

Friday, November 27, 2015

15mm Cyber Punk Anime style

I got a chance to finish up some of my Darkest Star games 15mm anime minis.  Great looking figures with lots of personality and great for Ghost in the Shell style games.

 A rogue Bioroid attacks at the docks

 Section 9 arrives on the scene with agent Batu in hard armor

 Tachikomas bring in the support.

More to come!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Enemy of my Enemy Star Wars in 15mm using Age of Saints

Rob Kenobi and I had a go at a game of Age of Saints set in the Star Wars universe.

After Order 66 the Jedi are scattered as Annakin, now Vader sets out hunting them down.  The trail leads to Geonosis where the Bounty Hunter Bossk has secured a Jedi Holocron for Vader.  The AT-TE arrives to pick him up but comes under heavy fire from Kenobi who has reactivated battle droids left in the CIS caches.

Will Vader arrive and retrieve Bossk and the Holocron or will Kenobi get to him first?

 The table, AT-TE is stranded in the center surrounded by Kenobi's clankers.

 Another view.

All power remaining in the walker is routed to the shields, but their strength goes down each turn as the batteries drain...

 The Battle Droids rain fire on the Walker and the 2 ARC Trooper squads.

Kenobi exits from his star fighter.

The first of Vader's forces arrive, Fighter Tanks, but the AATs quickly engage them.

 Sliding for angles, the tanks engage.

Super Battle Droids assault the second tank and destroy it's drives.

 Vader arrives with 2 squads of the 501st.

 The deploy using Deploy lines from the Gunship.

The nearby droids fall under heavy fire from the Gunships chin turrets.

 ARC Troopers sustain casualties as the fire increases.

 The Gunship takes a hit to it's side and it's deploy lines are destroyed.

 Forced to land for the evac, 501st moves to support.

 Droids begin to converge their fire on the Gunship.

 Another round of fire destroys the Gunship and kills the crew.

 Kenobi uses the Fire of Saints card and fries a squad of 501sters.

 Vader casts Gale of Saints and blows away 2 Super Battle Droids as he looks to square up with Kenobi.  Kenobi is wounded in the hand by blaster fire, but casts his saber and slays the remaining 501sts.

Initiative wins in favor of Bossk who manages to escape off the table.

Fun game!  I really like the 15mm scale for the ability to maneuver force on the table, especially when it comes to tanks and other vehicles.  Maybe I'll pick up a Hailfire droid next...

More to come,