Monday, April 18, 2011

Republican Assault on ROshon IV AAR

Republican Forces arrive on the desert waste planet ROshon IV in the Manheim System to destroy a Separatist Recon Post.

ROshon IV

The Separatist Recon Facility built using enslaved Bith labor.

Another view of the station.

"Have you ever killed a Jedi?"

Jedis Tomax and Xamot advance with Clone escort.

The brave but short lived Red Battle Droid team advances to meet a Jedi Acolyte. Last known image of the Red Battle Droid team.

Under fire from Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids the Republic forces advance.

Ground is claimed by the Clones after a young Jedi rushes the walls only to be cut down by Droid fire.

The barrels of the Speeder wilt under intense use. These things happen as you get older.

A team of ferocious Wookies advance led by One Zed A Day Kris.

The Jedis leap onto the roof of the Separatist Health Clinic but are unable to charge the Sith below.

Brutal fire fights erupt in the alleys with blasters flaring and Null grenades going off.

The Sith Charge the Jedis on the roof in a desperate attempt to stop their advance.

But are force blasted off the roof during the whirling melee!

Wookies smell fresh Sith.

The Sith charge the Wookies, the wookies take out the already wounded Sith Acolyte but fall under the blades of the Sith Master. The Recon post is lost but the Republic suffers a heavy price.

We used heavily modified Where Heroes Dare! rules for the game and we ran it about 7 turns in 3 hours with 5 players. In hindsight there needed to be less Jedis on the Republic side and a few more droids on the Separatist to even it out. That being said the mechanics ran well, even with some really bad rolls hitting the table.

More to come,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WW2 Disposable Heroes Coffin for Seven Brothers AAR

Some pics from a bring and battle WW2 game we did this past weekend using Disposable Heroes Coffin For Seven Brothers.

The table, a Holland theme.

German Grenadiers guarding a Nebelwerfer.

American forces of Rlee

British Paras and Cromwell of Mongo.

The Nebel Werfer rains death down on the advancing Allied forces.

German reinforcements arrive, SS!

The Sherman takes hit from the Nebelwerfer immobilizing it.

A Stug arrives to lend support to the Germans. Mongo wails openly like a distraught Jonathan Harris.

Hans and Dieter hold the line for 3 turns against insurmountable American forces before being routed.

The Amerikaners advance and take the "Crater of Death"

The Stug lands a crippling hit on the British Cromwell.

The GIs take the forest of Hans and Dieter.

Herr Allen's Germans hold their ground, but the werfer es KAPUT!

More German forces arrive, SS with a 250/9

And a 250 with support gun.

Americans advance but suffer pins from Hans and Dieter.

Mongo's Red Devils advance through the woods.

Another Cromwell arrives!

Herr Allen lays down mortar fire on the Paras!

The SS add fire support against the paras.

The US command also takes a mortar hit and a pin.

A bazooka takes out the 250/9!

Hans and Dieter fire and manuever falling back through the woods to the building.

The British PIAT team makes a dash out of the woods and fires on the German armor only to miss.

Last turn and the Americans beat Hans and Dieter to death for delaying their advance for 4 turns! In the end the Allies met one of their objectives leaving the game as a tie!

It was nice to dig out some of my WW2 stuff that hasn't seen use in awhile, for Mongo it was a few years!!

More to come