Tuesday, November 21, 2017

28mm Freighter Crew

Some recent additions, a 28mm Captain and first mate for my TT Combat freighter.

Captain Salty, not breaking down any stereotypes, and First Mate Queequeg.

Here on the freighters deck.

The first mate is the first time I ever painted anything in hip waiters.

More to come,

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cobra CLAW for Pulp 80s gaming

The Covert Light Ariel Weapon or CLAW was always one of my favorite small Cobra vehicles. I remember first seeing it in a tv commercial and later in the second GI Joe cartoon mini series.

So here is a 3D printed in resin example scaled for 28mm gaming.

My rigging for a flight stand, a converted cd spindle.

More to come,

Friday, November 17, 2017

28mm Army of Africa Moroccans for Spanish Civil War

By request here is my complete group of Moroccans for Spanish Civil War gaming. I said 60+, but it turned out to be 50+ unless I didn't dig all of them out!

What you see here is an Early War Army of Africa force consisting of 2 Pelotons of infantry, a command group and 2 LMG teams. Typically you would only at best see 1 LMG team per Peloton as they were rare in the SCW.

I also upgrade 4 troops in one Escuadra to Tank Sappers with crow bars and explosives. Just the thing for pesky T-26s with green crews.

My next step is to label the bottoms of each base with a colored label that calls out which group they belong with and rank. Then it's straight to storage until I can strong someone in to playing again 😂

The whole Rifle Seccion, 2 Pelotons of 3 Escuadras each with supporting LMG teams and Command.

The troops are a mix of Empress and Force of Arms so I have 2 Tenientes!

Figures mix well, here is an Empress LMG team. Never did here historical evidence if there were Moroccan HMG teams, if there is a source out there, please let me know!

More to come,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

28mm Spanish Civil War Moroccans

A force of 60+ Moroccans is now finished for my Nationalist forces. Used as shock troops by Franco, these soldiers fought with a record for bravery all through out the war.
Command team.

Safe place to fire!

Steady advance

A lot of variety with the uniforms. If you like variety of troops and cool uniforms mixed with ww1 and ww2 style warfare, this is the period for you!

More to come,

28mm Pulp Terrorist Pilot

A wild pilot for the 1980s terrorist force.
At the secret base.

Carrying in the attaché 

More to come,

28mm Bailed Stinger Pilot

The old Cobra Officer repurposed as a Stinger pilot figure here in 28mm splendor.

Left to fight it out with Timber at Uzi point!

Stinger and Pilot.

More to come,


I finished up some Retro Scifi stuff for Flash Gordon style gaming that's been languishing in my lead hoard for many years.

My inspiration is drawn from the 1980's Flash Gordon cartoon that I watched devotedly every Saturday morning. It was cool because it was broken into chapters and carried a continuing story line.  It's from these rotoscoped cells that I used as a color palette.

Some Silver Sentinel miniatures with a Rattrap Productions Gordon mini.

Another view of the intrepid team.

All Rattrap Productions miniatures, great figures!

Supersystem minis made up as a Mongoesque villains team.

A galactic scrap!

More to come,

Monday, November 6, 2017


I got a few pieces from TT Combat finished to go with my building interiors project.

Major Bludd with hostages in the vault.

More to come,

Friday, October 20, 2017

28mm Modern Building interiors

I decided I would like to make up some "Facility" interiors to be used in Modern, Pulp, or Horror tabletop games.

Looking through various options, the most affordable and least time intensive was to do printable terrain mounted on foamcore.

A friend from a FB gaming group recommended this to me:


So far so good, I've only pieces together a few components to get a feel for it.

Pictures can be seen below with some of my 1980's Pulp project figures:

Here is the first room assembled. I purposely left a wall removable so pictures could be taken.

Interior cabinets are from Ainsty and a toy eraser painted for a table.

I ended up using gatorboard as it is more durable.  Going forward I plan to assemble the walls but not glue them to the floor tile so they can be removed to access the interiors easier for gaming.

More to come,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

28mm Scale Guide for 3D Prints

The following is a guide I'll be adding to, displaying a 28mm figure with 3D prints and their scales that they were printed at:

A Shapeways VAMP and a Thingverse Stinger. The VAMP is listed as 28mm and the Stinger was printed at 36%. They are both match size very well.

The APC was sized to 36% and the Mobat is at 45%. Both are printed in PLA.

Wolverine is printed at 45% in PLA.

Firebat is 45% print in Resin.

Whirlwind and HAL at 36% in PLA.

ASP printed at 36% in PLA

Moccasin printed at 36% in PLA. In hindsight, I think I would have gone 45% for this model.

SHARC scaled at 45% in PLA.

Cobra Moray, 45% in PLA. I had to remake the upper 20mm gun using nails and small beads, but beyond that it came out great.

More to come,