Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arnhem, September19, 1944 Disposable Heroes Coffin for Seven Brothers

Arnhem 1944 Day 2

I ran an Arnhem Scenario for our local Gaming Group this week from the Iron Ivan Games Fields of Battle book:

The German attackers. Dave scored a lucky Campaign Chart roll for the Germans, they got a Tiger that would enter on turn 3. He also rolled for the British and got Low Ammo which affected their ACC. Unfortunately I was the British player :(

But with lemons make lemonade. My Paras set up in the buildings overlooking the rubbled streets.

My PIAT team advances forward to try to take out a Panzer IV only to miss and be taken out by the SS infantry. Bub Bye Anti-Armor!

The Big Cat arrives! Shells get poured into buildings trying to weed out the Paras, but they hold fast. My HMG team is holed up in a Basement Bunker, franticly trying to hold back the Gerries.

The SS Command and a rifle team moves up through the cover of a wooded area.

The Panzer IV advances, providing cover for the Germans to cross the street.

Germans begin to converge with the help of armor and artillery, on the battered British.


The final tally ends with the British tied with Germans for Battle Objective points, but Germans pulling ahead by 2 additional Mission Objective points.

All in all a fun game, had to do some maneuvering with my Paras to force the German armor to reacquire their targets. In hindsight I could have been more patient with my PIAT team, which might of helped more in the end turn. In my favor was the woefully inaccurate German off board artillery :)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sir Percival Grailhlem, The Flying Knight!


My present, Your present.
My good COMPANION Mongo gave me a wonderful Birthday present based on a conversion idea I had for a Pulp Era hero. Above is my gift, now re-gifted for any Where Heroes Dare! player that wants to field their own Flying Knight.

Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

"And in these times they will seek Death, and not find it..."

Had a run of the upcoming Iron Ivan Games Zombie rules this week. While Mongo frolicked on sun kissed beaches, we Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse fought our way down the Highway to Hell!

The Road, not quite Cormac's The Road which was the Greatest Story of our time, but challenging none the less.

And at this end we have the Living Dead, ready to block our Survivors like a brick wall of Meat.

The Survivors begin moving for the end of the road. All minis provided by none other than our Lead Archivist, AL.

Quickly between ruined vehicles the action becomes grave!

Things begin to back up for the living as more and more Zeds swarm the motley bands.

Game ends with Survivors unable to make it off the table, many having climbed to high ground to avoid the chompers while others became the buffet!

More to come!