"And in these times they will seek Death, and not find it..."

Had a run of the upcoming Iron Ivan Games Zombie rules this week. While Mongo frolicked on sun kissed beaches, we Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse fought our way down the Highway to Hell!

The Road, not quite Cormac's The Road which was the Greatest Story of our time, but challenging none the less.

And at this end we have the Living Dead, ready to block our Survivors like a brick wall of Meat.

The Survivors begin moving for the end of the road. All minis provided by none other than our Lead Archivist, AL.

Quickly between ruined vehicles the action becomes grave!

Things begin to back up for the living as more and more Zeds swarm the motley bands.

Game ends with Survivors unable to make it off the table, many having climbed to high ground to avoid the chompers while others became the buffet!

More to come!



  1. Zombies!

    Will these rules use the WHD! mechanics or will it be something different ?

    Sure looks like fast paced action packed fun!


  2. There was a lot of frolicking...
    This looks awesome...at least the table looks awesome. I hope it was a fun time.
    To Andy: yes the rules are based on WHD! with several unique zombie related/post apocalyptic mechanics for one offs and campaign play. Stay tuned.


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