Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weird World War 2: POINT BLANK!


I recently came across some archival footage of some Weird War actions using a modified version of Iron Ivan Games's Point Blank Skirmish Rules:

The Eastern Front, 1943

The Soviet "Little Klims" Iron Comrade Armor

T34s and Infantry support the Soviet assault.

Another aerial photo.

German forces advance through the tree lines.

A Heavy German Walker advances, the Von Stine.

A T34 attempts to engage the Von Stine!

The T34 misses!

But not the Von Stine!

A little Klim falls the walker, but will it recover?!

The little Klims advance, but the Von Stine rights itself!

One Klim gets smoked, while the other runs into the woods occupied by German infantry.

Screams are heard coming out of the woods as the Germans are butchered.

Germans dying everywhere!

Encircled by heavy armor and out of ammo, the Klim is taken down!

More to come,