Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zombies in Prypiat, Ukraine!

The Mad Professor Stine ran a Zombie game for a few of us this past weekend in the irradiated wastes of the ruined Ukrainian city, Prypiat.

The radiation poisoned streets of Prypiat, what horrors lie in wait?

Comrade Rob provides support to Comrade Merkury. The objective is to rescue 3 survivors or take 3 successful readings on the canisters.

Yuri! What has become of you!

Desperate melee ensues!

Flanking and fighting as a last resort get the last 2 members of the Red Guard to complete the objective and exit off the table. These suits were contaminant proof right?

We ran this game using Keith's Iron Ivan Games Prypiat .pdf and Eureka's 28mm miniatures. Good stuff!

More to come,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Establishing a Base Camp in the Hollow Earth AAR

More Thrilling Adventure in the Hollow Earth, Where Heroes Dare!

9 Rugged Teams of Adventurers enter into the Inner Earth in search of glory. The objective of this game was to find the best location for a Base Camp, and hold onto it :)

Team ROshon advances out and solves the first Dare! locations discovering fresh water, +2 VP and a good start at a Base Camp.

The vast jungle of the Core World.

The intrepid team of ToddD makes it's Where Heroes Dare! debut.

Blake Sissken leads the team.

The Cult of Al suffers the first Dino casualty as Cultist #4 gets pancaked by a Sauropod!

One of the last surviving photos of Mongo's team of Boat People.

The Kinsey Expedition discovers an abandoned 75mm Field Gun, oddly covered in blood...

Roy Chapman Kinsey's force is attacked by a pack of Raptors. In the background can be seen the Sauropod that Kinso Slice took down in a single shot, but luck changed as the Raptors killed him to the last man.

The game was a lot of fun, Dinos, back stabbing, shaky alliances, it had it all.

To Be Continued...


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Day of 2 Games!

Here are a few picks from a Saturday of gaming at Rob's.
We started out with a game of Where Heroes Dare! and I ran the first Chapter of the Shield of the Gods Campaign for Keith and Rob.

Delphi, Greece Where Heroes Dare!

The players deploy.

Captain Achilles Rockets to the high ground and a sabotaged truck explodes showering him with debris but leaving him unharmed.

Kumar rushes to aid the downed Hogan, still smoking from the rounds of Tommy Chung!

The Professor is found, but where is the Aegis Shield?!

Ying Fang, Kong Fang's wicked daughter has found the shield! Achilles rockets into hand to hand with this fiendish femme fatale, but after myriads of blows he is struck down by her poisened blade. A win for Rob and the forces of Kong Fang!

Some shots of Rob's shelf.

15mm goodies!

Even some 15mm Pulp.

Looks like the makings of a Weird War!

Our next game, 15mm Disposable Heroes WW2 in the Pacific.

Some shots of Rob's Motor pool.

The Japanese hold the high ground.

Rob Commands the Japanese while Keith and I man the US Army forces.

US infantry adavance and the Stewies go to work on the Japanese armor.

Bazooka shots begin to take down the armor of the Rising Sun.

A steady advance under withering fire from the cliffs and the bunker.

The Tiki Room is secured and the Imperial armor gets brewed.

Relentless fire from the cliffs.

The forces in the bunker get worn down, but hold fast.

The Japanese advance!

Really fun game, I hadn't played a 15mm DH game before and this was a lot of fun. The Japanese won in the end, even after a few desperate charges. The table played on was only 30 x 30 but still played out like a 4 x 6 28mm game. Might have to think more about 15s, hmmmm.

More to come!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hell Comes To Christmas!!

My good COMPANION Mongo, of Wafflehouse fame, blessed me with my own set of Survivors for No More Room In Hell for this past Christmas. The models are inspired by the Walking Dead comics and TV show and Mongo did an ace job painting them.

"Somethin's Cookin'!" Check out that awesome plaid job on the shirt.

That is not a midget in a cowboy hat, that is a child with a gun!

Another shot of that awesome plaid.

Thank you Mongo and to all a Merry Christmas!