Friday, February 28, 2014

More Spartacus action for Cold Wars 2014

Looking for a little man to man vengeance?  Tired of living in servitude and ready to rebel against your Roman masters?  Or maybe your the lord and tired of all the surly help?  Either way a game is waiting for you at Cold Wars 2014, Vengeance at Vesuvius!

S-247 - Vengerance at Vesuvius! 73 BC

Sat. 9:00 AM, 3 hrs, 6 players
GM: Jayson Gardner and Army Group York
Sponsor: Iron Ivan Games, Prize: Yes 
Ancients 54mm,
Rules: Victus

 Spartacus leads a daring attack on the camp of Gaius Glaber, a praetor charged with smashing the slave revolt. Taking the over confident Romans by surprise after scaling down Mount Vesuvius, they raid the camp itself. Come defend the camp or slaughter your oppressors using Iron Ivan Games rules, Victus! Rules taught, beginners welcome. No players under 18 please.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Gaius Glaber and the march on Vesuvius for Cold Wars 2014

Cold Wars Convention is nearly upon us and I'm working on a Spartacus Rebellion Scenario for Victus using some of Black Cat miniatures excellent 54mm figures. Here are the Roman forces I got painted so far:

 Glaber with retinue

 A local Ludus owner speaks on the slave's raids near Vesuvius

 So begins the 3rd Servile War!

The Centurion directs the troops.

The game is 9am on Saturday at Cold Wars.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Italian Civil War 1943 - 1945 with Disposable Heroes

So you are like me and you have painted a HUGE number of Spanish Anarchists and Leftist militias for the Spanish Civil War, but is that ALL you can use them for?  No, in fact they can also be used to combat the RSI forces of Italy in the Civil War period of 43-45.

Check out this site's article:

 German Patrol is ambushed

 Spanish Anarchists from Empress Miniatures and Force of Arms

 Inspecting goods

 RSI Forces attack, Decima MAS!

 LMG teams

 More Decima MAS search the town

 Partisans attack!

 SMG toting Decima MAS

 The Black Prince inspects the captured arms.

HMG Team!

So the weapons may not be exactly right, but its possible that Anarchists could have gotten hold of Spanish Mausers and other goods from all the different stockpiles being shifted during the war.  The point is you can still put some use to these figures and use some of the same terrain.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

RUNEBOUND! Painted minis

From time to time I take a few commissions from friends to paint and the last one I received was for some figures for the Runebound Boardgame.  The pieces range from flat to slightly less flat with some details here and there but they took the paint well.  Here are the pieces and their respective cards used as reference:

 Not my favorite out of the bunch, but the robe had some good motion to it.

 I love this guy's grin, he's all swagger.

 I feel like this is one of those guys you don't want to spend a lot of time around, BUT you do want him on your side.

 She looks like someone who would eat a lot of granola.

 She was a pretty good sculpt, fun to paint.

 I liked this guy, the squatty pose, the poison dripping knife and ManKind mask, good stuff!

 One-Fist, I get the name, but no one wants that as a name.

 Another fun robe paint.

 This guy was one of the best, lots of details.


Its always better to have Mordrog than Lessdrog.

More to come,