Italian Civil War 1943 - 1945 with Disposable Heroes

So you are like me and you have painted a HUGE number of Spanish Anarchists and Leftist militias for the Spanish Civil War, but is that ALL you can use them for?  No, in fact they can also be used to combat the RSI forces of Italy in the Civil War period of 43-45.

Check out this site's article:

 German Patrol is ambushed

 Spanish Anarchists from Empress Miniatures and Force of Arms

 Inspecting goods

 RSI Forces attack, Decima MAS!

 LMG teams

 More Decima MAS search the town

 Partisans attack!

 SMG toting Decima MAS

 The Black Prince inspects the captured arms.

HMG Team!

So the weapons may not be exactly right, but its possible that Anarchists could have gotten hold of Spanish Mausers and other goods from all the different stockpiles being shifted during the war.  The point is you can still put some use to these figures and use some of the same terrain.

More to come,


  1. Very interesting and enterprising!

  2. Great looking pictures and figures, fantastic work!

  3. These look good Jayson, so many possibilities here.

  4. Hello, where are those Decima MAS figures from?

    1. Carlos, they are from here:


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