More Spartacus action for Cold Wars 2014

Looking for a little man to man vengeance?  Tired of living in servitude and ready to rebel against your Roman masters?  Or maybe your the lord and tired of all the surly help?  Either way a game is waiting for you at Cold Wars 2014, Vengeance at Vesuvius!

S-247 - Vengerance at Vesuvius! 73 BC

Sat. 9:00 AM, 3 hrs, 6 players
GM: Jayson Gardner and Army Group York
Sponsor: Iron Ivan Games, Prize: Yes 
Ancients 54mm,
Rules: Victus

 Spartacus leads a daring attack on the camp of Gaius Glaber, a praetor charged with smashing the slave revolt. Taking the over confident Romans by surprise after scaling down Mount Vesuvius, they raid the camp itself. Come defend the camp or slaughter your oppressors using Iron Ivan Games rules, Victus! Rules taught, beginners welcome. No players under 18 please.

See you there,


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