Friday, June 9, 2017

15mm RPG Characters

IF I ever get around to doing Gammaworld or Dark Matters or Cyberpunk RPGs, I have a few 15mm player characters painted.

Family shot, I think all or mostly Highlander Studio 15s. The SLURM truck is a cheap dollar store repaint.

Some more shots, the car is from Darkest Star Games.

Another view

More to come,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Real American Heroes in 28mm

I got a couple new additions to my Pulp 1980's collection painted, in fact 2 of the original 8 heroes.

1980s cartoon version Commando.

A better view with a HISS tank.

Laser Rifle trooper and Ranger

And a back view.

More to come,

Dialectic Hobbying

My friend Rlee came across a bunch of duplicates he had in his Alien Legion comic book collection and asked me if I wanted them knowing I was a fan. LOVED the series. I of course said yes and asked if I could give him anything in return, to which he asked that I paint 5 28mm figures for him, anyway I saw fit.

Below is my endeavor:

Thanks again for the comics and for letting me paint some of your figures for you.

More to come,