Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moroccan Regulares and Panzer 1's in ¡Primera Batalla!

Gathering forces that I will need for the Spanish Civil War, Battle of Brunete games for Historicon this year, and here are a few pics of this project in progress.

First are the Moroccan Regulares who served as shock troops side by side with the Spanish Foreign Legion. Statistics I have read showed these to be especially tenacious fighters and almost twice as numerous than the Legionarios who fought in the Spanish Civil War. I have about 40-50 of these guys on my painting table right now and a mix of both Empress and Force of Arms. The ones pictured above are the first 2 that I have gotten painted and are from Force of Arms. One of the things I like about the period is the variety of troops and uniforms which makes painting and collecting a joy.

Next I had a look at some of my long forgotten SCW armor, in this case Panzer 1s supplied to the Nationalists by Germany via the Condor Legion. These little guys are moderately effective in providing some support, but stood little hope against the Republic's T-26s supplied by the Soviets.

Above is a link I got to a very interesting memoir of a British man who served in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the Spanish Civil War. Peter Kemp has been the English source for Nationalist memoirs for time eternal, but this book gives a very stark, well written look at the war from a volunteer in Franco's forces and unlike Kemp's book is reasonably priced.

More to come,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Major Awesome and Kid Liberty in Where Heroes Dare!

So I thought I would do something fun for Mongo's, my erstwhile Companion, Birthday this year and decided to give him the gift of America, because America rocks. And what better way to show that America rocks than with these two fine figures.

I used a Diorama case that is for something as mundane as a baseball and slapped a piece of Alternate World War 2 goodness into it!

Here is a shot of our two Agents of Freedom. I used sculpey to create the wall and the pavement.

I raided my bitz bin for scraps and debris to strew on the base.

I made it so the models' bases fit into the display base so they can be removed for play. I took some images from the web and worked them together to make the propaganda posters on the wall and ground.

Now what fun are miniatures if you can't use them? Sure they are pretty, but isn't it more rewarding to have these guys slamming shield into some monocled Nazi's face? So here are some rough and ready rules for the Agents of Freedom for use in Where Heroes Dare!. Make sure whoever you are playing with agrees in their use because they break all the Character Creation rules, but should be a heck of a lot of fun to play!

Major Awesome who is all kinds of awesome.

Kid Liberty his faithful sidekick.

Happy Birthday Mongo!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Spanish Civil War 1936-39

I took a stroll through my hard drive and found some of my old pics. Here is a batch of my Spanish Civil War images of mixed manufacturers, Force of Arms and Empress Miniatures mostly.

Some in game action with the Republic's T26s, the "Tigers of the Peninsula"

FAI Milicianos.

Asaltos move up.

A militia CA-1

Guardia Civil interrogating the locals.

Anarchists found!

Internationals in Spain.


Commissars in the EPR.

Lincolns on the move.

DT LMG team.

More Lincolns.


I would like to add more pieces to what I already have. In the beginning gaming the period I was mostly interested in the variety of disparate groups and the uprising itself in the 36-37 period. Now my interests have shifted more toward the formal battles like Brunete, Teruell and the Ebro. I'd like to make a couple Secciones of Campensino's EPR as well as some Italians to expand into a couple other battles.

More to come,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Battle of Brunete at Historicon 2011

Coming to Historicon 2011, the ¡Atacad! group brings the Battle of Brunete!
The Republic's Counterattack meant to relieve the raging battles against the north and cut the Nationalist's supply lines.

We will be running a series of games using the ¡Primera Batalla! supplement for Iron Ivan Games rules Disposable Heroes Coffin for Seven Brothers along miniatures from Age of Glory, Force of Arms, buildings by Brigade Games, and many more.

In the coming weeks I will be revealing more of this monumental project.

Scenarios to be tested.

Models to be assembled.

Figures to be painted.

Along with photos and some new books added to my library.

Stay tuned there is more to come!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold Wars 2011 AAR

I had a great time at Cold Wars 2011, got to see some familiar faces, play some games with old friends and got to meet some new people of shared interests. One major highlight for me was seeing Badger Games in the Dealer area with literally bags upon bags of Mongrel Miniatures which seem to be as rare as unicorn horn these days. He showed me that they had not only added more to existing ranges, but also added another entire line, Pakistanis. Also he noted that Vietnam was one of their next ranges to be tackled.

Okay, so on to the games. A few of us in our Cabal ran a few games for Lebanon 1982. Mark,, and Jon,, ran their games in 15mm and put on a really nice show.

Mark and Jon's Lebanon 1982 table.

Al,, ran an awesome Mekatac game pitting giant piloted mechs against each other. Flamer Todd was the first to drop in this steel duel of giants!

Here is a look at my Clearing Sidon game where the Israelis moved through a refugee camp clearing out the PLO and shutting down their Radio Arafat station.

Another view of the camp. I used Iron Ivan Games Modern Rules supplement, Seek Out, Close With, And Destroy.

These hovels are all made out of the paper mache boxes I showed in previous posts.

A PLO sniper scans the road.

Rlee's awesome Israeli force.

A view of the radio station.

Housing of the Future! Welcome to Tomorrowland.

Snipers abound!

Under heavy fire and aided by smoke rounds, the Israelis move up under hails of fire and booby trapped buildings.

An Israeli moves up to support the troops but gets raked by Dshk fire.
In the end the Israeli's won by a small margin.

Next game I ran was Waltz with the Amal, where the USMC defends a check point in Beirut against the Amal militia. A 23 year USMC veteran helped command the US forces. Thank you for your service!

I wanted to add more to the table for scenery, but this is where I got. These are the crate buildings I made.

An Amtrac mans the gates.

The USMC Platoon Command takes sniper fire but holds fast.

Mortars at the ready!

The HMG team deal out justice after getting clearance to engage the enemy.

In the end, much like history, the Amal failed to break the USMC line and instead tried trading fire in a shoot out with the USMC, not good for the Amal.

I may have some more pics to come.

Thanks for everybody that played and for everyone who stopped by,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sea Knight Helicopter for my 1980's USMC

I was recently looking at some 1/55 diecast for Moderns and Chal of Iron Ivan Game pointed this out to me for my 1980's USMC.

Back shot of the Phrog.

Never trust a helicopter under 30

Phrogs phorever!

More to come,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Italy, WW2

I Had a chance to play test some rules that Iron Ivan Games's Keith Stine has been working on, 1:1 Single Model activation Skirmish. I got out all my Mediterranean Terrain and he brought out his British and Germans for a rumble in the Boot.

A view of the table.

A view from the other end. Captain ROshon and I played the Brits, while Rob and Keith handled the Germans.

My British advance.

The Germans pour out of the woods using a KO'd Panther for cover.

Rob's Germans take up positions.

Keith's view.

A well hidden German who harangued my Brits for several turns.

Desperate fighting in the streets, many a grenade was thrown to clear out the enemy.

MG-42s repeatedly pin my Brits. It was very tough to move around with the Germans spraying lead everywhere!

My Brits gain some ground, but only after repeated pins and some losses.

Captain ROshon fairs better at his end and gains ground on Rob's Germans.

The Captain's troops advance.

Rob's German's taking hits.

The game ended with about equal success for both sides. The grenades helped me gain some ground with all the cover, but those MG42s kept pinning my guys and wounding them out. Fun game and fun time.

More to come!