Spanish Civil War 1936-39

I took a stroll through my hard drive and found some of my old pics. Here is a batch of my Spanish Civil War images of mixed manufacturers, Force of Arms and Empress Miniatures mostly.

Some in game action with the Republic's T26s, the "Tigers of the Peninsula"

FAI Milicianos.

Asaltos move up.

A militia CA-1

Guardia Civil interrogating the locals.

Anarchists found!

Internationals in Spain.


Commissars in the EPR.

Lincolns on the move.

DT LMG team.

More Lincolns.


I would like to add more pieces to what I already have. In the beginning gaming the period I was mostly interested in the variety of disparate groups and the uprising itself in the 36-37 period. Now my interests have shifted more toward the formal battles like Brunete, Teruell and the Ebro. I'd like to make a couple Secciones of Campensino's EPR as well as some Italians to expand into a couple other battles.

More to come,


  1. That's some fantastic stuff there, Doc! Thanks for sharing!

  2. superb photos, nice figures, I think i'm gonna paint my 10mm milicia forces...

  3. Lovely work Doc, SCW was a favourite past-time for me. I may even paint some miniatures in the future.



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