Italy, WW2

I Had a chance to play test some rules that Iron Ivan Games's Keith Stine has been working on, 1:1 Single Model activation Skirmish. I got out all my Mediterranean Terrain and he brought out his British and Germans for a rumble in the Boot.

A view of the table.

A view from the other end. Captain ROshon and I played the Brits, while Rob and Keith handled the Germans.

My British advance.

The Germans pour out of the woods using a KO'd Panther for cover.

Rob's Germans take up positions.

Keith's view.

A well hidden German who harangued my Brits for several turns.

Desperate fighting in the streets, many a grenade was thrown to clear out the enemy.

MG-42s repeatedly pin my Brits. It was very tough to move around with the Germans spraying lead everywhere!

My Brits gain some ground, but only after repeated pins and some losses.

Captain ROshon fairs better at his end and gains ground on Rob's Germans.

The Captain's troops advance.

Rob's German's taking hits.

The game ended with about equal success for both sides. The grenades helped me gain some ground with all the cover, but those MG42s kept pinning my guys and wounding them out. Fun game and fun time.

More to come!


  1. Very interesting. How many figures per player?

  2. We played 1 squad per player, each model activates individually. System worked great, Keith said he has more to unveil.


  3. I like Disposable Heroes and so I'm quite interested in how these rules play out. Nice looking board yet again.


  4. Wonderful looking game, as always Sir

  5. Could you give us an estimated release date for this new ruleset? I'm very interested in it.
    Lovely scenery and great report BTW.


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