Cold Wars 2011 AAR

I had a great time at Cold Wars 2011, got to see some familiar faces, play some games with old friends and got to meet some new people of shared interests. One major highlight for me was seeing Badger Games in the Dealer area with literally bags upon bags of Mongrel Miniatures which seem to be as rare as unicorn horn these days. He showed me that they had not only added more to existing ranges, but also added another entire line, Pakistanis. Also he noted that Vietnam was one of their next ranges to be tackled.

Okay, so on to the games. A few of us in our Cabal ran a few games for Lebanon 1982. Mark,, and Jon,, ran their games in 15mm and put on a really nice show.

Mark and Jon's Lebanon 1982 table.

Al,, ran an awesome Mekatac game pitting giant piloted mechs against each other. Flamer Todd was the first to drop in this steel duel of giants!

Here is a look at my Clearing Sidon game where the Israelis moved through a refugee camp clearing out the PLO and shutting down their Radio Arafat station.

Another view of the camp. I used Iron Ivan Games Modern Rules supplement, Seek Out, Close With, And Destroy.

These hovels are all made out of the paper mache boxes I showed in previous posts.

A PLO sniper scans the road.

Rlee's awesome Israeli force.

A view of the radio station.

Housing of the Future! Welcome to Tomorrowland.

Snipers abound!

Under heavy fire and aided by smoke rounds, the Israelis move up under hails of fire and booby trapped buildings.

An Israeli moves up to support the troops but gets raked by Dshk fire.
In the end the Israeli's won by a small margin.

Next game I ran was Waltz with the Amal, where the USMC defends a check point in Beirut against the Amal militia. A 23 year USMC veteran helped command the US forces. Thank you for your service!

I wanted to add more to the table for scenery, but this is where I got. These are the crate buildings I made.

An Amtrac mans the gates.

The USMC Platoon Command takes sniper fire but holds fast.

Mortars at the ready!

The HMG team deal out justice after getting clearance to engage the enemy.

In the end, much like history, the Amal failed to break the USMC line and instead tried trading fire in a shoot out with the USMC, not good for the Amal.

I may have some more pics to come.

Thanks for everybody that played and for everyone who stopped by,


  1. I LOVE your shacks. Those are 10 kinds of bitchin'. I'm stealing them, for what? I don't know. Looks like a lot of fun. I'm gonna have to go to the next con I think.

  2. The Clearing Sidon table is fantastic and the Waltz with the Amal crate-buildings work superbly.

  3. Thanks, I'd like to get some Jersey barriers, probably at JR Miniatures since the price is good. Also want to make some car wrecks and still looking for a decent M60A1.

  4. Awesome layout and excellent figures and vehicles. Between yourself, Mark and Jon, you've done a great job of bringing attention to this largely overlooked period!

  5. It must be said that 29 years later Amal runs Lebanon as a respected and powerful political party while the vaunted USMC packed and fled with their tails dangling down low after scores of them were carbombed to hell...

    ...just to remember you toy-soldier pushers about real-life Historical/Political facts...

  6. Uh Oh - sounds like a Crabby-Ass! Thanks for posting, no one probably knows as much as you think you do so it helps a lot.

    BTW smoking is bad for you,


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