Moroccan Regulares and Panzer 1's in ¡Primera Batalla!

Gathering forces that I will need for the Spanish Civil War, Battle of Brunete games for Historicon this year, and here are a few pics of this project in progress.

First are the Moroccan Regulares who served as shock troops side by side with the Spanish Foreign Legion. Statistics I have read showed these to be especially tenacious fighters and almost twice as numerous than the Legionarios who fought in the Spanish Civil War. I have about 40-50 of these guys on my painting table right now and a mix of both Empress and Force of Arms. The ones pictured above are the first 2 that I have gotten painted and are from Force of Arms. One of the things I like about the period is the variety of troops and uniforms which makes painting and collecting a joy.

Next I had a look at some of my long forgotten SCW armor, in this case Panzer 1s supplied to the Nationalists by Germany via the Condor Legion. These little guys are moderately effective in providing some support, but stood little hope against the Republic's T-26s supplied by the Soviets.

Above is a link I got to a very interesting memoir of a British man who served in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the Spanish Civil War. Peter Kemp has been the English source for Nationalist memoirs for time eternal, but this book gives a very stark, well written look at the war from a volunteer in Franco's forces and unlike Kemp's book is reasonably priced.

More to come,


  1. Looking good. I like the Panzer I. Was the one supplied to the Nationalists armed with 2 MGs or something else? The barrels on the kit look like two different weapons.

  2. Thanks, the Condor Legion Panzer 1s were armed with the twin MGs. Later they mounted a 20mm Breda into the turret to gun them up. I think the barrels looking a little different is just the model.

  3. Such a lovely bunch of posts lately. can´t wait to see more of your stuff!

  4. Great work.Love the panzer and the figures are cracking.I am having Great fun trying to convert some 1/72 plastic stuff to SCW troops.

    Cheers Rich


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