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1/56 Devilfish for 1980s Pulp

I completed some added support and troops for my 1980s counter terrorism for ce.  I want some scuba troops for my water battles and some light patrol boats to back them up.
The Devilfish provide fast light attack craft with 4 missiles, twin torpedoes and twin 20mm guns each.
For the scuba troops I went to the original cartoon 5 part mini series for inspiration:

Twin Devilfish move to assault the hidden Cobra base. These are 3D prints.
Shipwreck moves to fire on Croc Master and a Viper.
Deploy the Croc!!
A view of the back of the Devilfish.
The other is piloted by Torpedo.
Duke and Scarlet emerge from the river for a surprise attack.
The divers are converted Crooked Dice models.
Back view of the tanks.
Whip vs Harpoon gun of Spirit!
Another view of Spirit
The full team
Shipwreck lands his boat. I made the pilots removable.
Hanging out after the mop up.
More to come, Doc

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