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Gaslands Death Race

6 players, 3 teams of 2 gathered to run through a Gaslands Death Race Scenario. Each player had a single car worth 25 cans.
Team Jason wins for Pole Position and the grid is laid out.Cars peel out moving up in gears and Tim’s truck Angelcorpse moves to pursue.Tailgate attack on my Ginny Dee by Tim, I take damage but gain a free activation from my converted performance car.Tim, pursues in the next gear and completes a second tailgate attack on me, the car is wrecked!Flip!Burst into flames and I am out of the race.Jason’s car is first to get through the first gate, weapons now activated. Dave’s buggy follows closely.Other Dave maneuvers between the Nate and Tim Foundation, taking a small tailgate.Angelcorpse follows behind Dave and Jason but does not make it through the gate.The arenaAngelcorpse moves to ram Dave’s buggy, but Dave survives a roll and keeps going. The driver perk he chose really worked well for him.The buggy turns to fire into the truck.Jason crosses the finish line.The g…

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