Saturday, September 9, 2017

15mm Clone Wars, Showdown on Genosha

Had a chance to play a 15mm Clone Wars game using Age of Saints from Iron Ivan Games.

Generals Kenobi and Kit Fisto are tasked with rescuing emissaries of the Republic from the CIS on the planet Genosha.

The prison facility.

Republic forces

The Gunship and AT-TE advance

CIS forces inside the compound.

The Republic gunship is hit by a lucky shot from an AAT and the gunship crashes into the AT-TE destroying itself and damaging the walker.

At the other end a Hail Fire droid is damaged and crashes into the compound wall, creating a breach.

Clone troopers adavnce.

CIS forces 

A spider droid advances

And scorch attacks troops.

Only to be shot up by the speeder, scrambling it's AI govern, killing it.

The Republic tanks strike but are unable to blast through the compound wall.

Kit Fisto's team advances.

Super Battle Droids advance

AATs advance.

A spider droid destroys the speeder in hand to hand, crushing it.

More CIS forces.

The AT-TE scales the compound walls.

A Republic tank takes damage.

The spider droid keeps fighting.

Ventress force lifts the Walker and drops it on a squad killing all but Kenobi!

Ventress advances.

But Kenobi meets her in combat, forcing her back.

CIS forces advance.

Kit Fisto frees the captives.

Grievous attempts to stop them.

Grievious's forces are attacked.

The hostages are evacuated.

The tanks guard the escape

End of game a victory for the Republic.

More to come,

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Battletech, more Eridani Light Horse

Got a few more pieces done for future Battletech Alpha Strike games, namely mercenaries under the banner of the Eridani Light Horse.
An Atlas in the foreground and a Hunchback behind it.

Another view of the Hunchback.

2 Javelins I think, bought them second hand so not completely sure.

More to come,

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

28mm Mongrel Miniatures 9th Rota Russians

Finally completed a lonnnnng project, the 9th Rota miniatures set from Mongrel Miniatures. The miniatures are based off of the movie by the same name covering a Soviet Airborne platoon in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation.  The miniatures were a lot of fun to paint, lots of character.

Fire team

Another view. Notice the mix of equipment.

An argument with some locals, also from Mongrel Miniatures.

Suppressing fire.

And a mop up.

Command and a BMP. Notice the tanker reading the map, another nice character model from MM.

Close up.

Moving out.

Scanning for the air transport.

Two of my favorite civilians, especially the "picker" 😂

More to come,

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Oktober Guard

Finished my 28mm Pulp Warsaw Pact counterparts, The Oktober Guard.  Below are some shots with armor parked out front of Destro's Silent Castle.

Horrorshow and the 6 wheeler ATV the Guard uses, not sure that it was ever named.

Back, I added some stowage and other effects to the 3D print of the AFV.

Here with some Mongrel Minis 1980s Soviet passengers.

Colonel Brekhov and Schrage with a Sloppy Jalopy BTR-60B APC.

Another view.

Stormavik and a Sloppy Jalopy BMP-1 afv 

Another view.


Daina with a Sloppy Jalopy T62.

Back view.

More to come,