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15mm Scifi Sprawl Walls, Industrial and fencing

I’ve finished a few more stl prints from my 15mm Sprawl series-
Sprawl Walls

These are scaled for 15mm but can easily be scaled up for 28mm, just double the file size.

Outside of the fenced depot 

These pieces are printed in PLA. The posts are separate pieces as well as the fence sections offering a variety of layouts.

The miniatures are from Darkest Star Games.

Matchbox diecast truck.

These are the Industrial Pipe Wall files printed in PLA.

You can create a variety of layouts with the files.

Walls, corners and end caps to create an industrial sprawl.

Pieces are detailed on both sides for variety.

The miniature is from Darkest Star Games

The pieces can be set adjacent to other pieces in the series to create that exposed machinery look.

Generator end caps

Paneled details on the inside

Creating room like spaces

For close quarter combat

More to come, Doc

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