Monday, April 24, 2017

Deep in the Terrordrome...

Actually, more like right on top. I got a Cobra Firebat printed in resin this time from a 3D printer. Smooth, but a little more expensive. I think though going forward it is worth it for some of the smaller vehicles.

Firebats, vertical take off interceptor craft.

The Commander at the controls for the test launch.

Isometric view.

Tail view.


More to come,

15mm Drive Armor from Darkest Star Games

Another piece from Darkest Star Games for my Anime gaming:

A piece of drive armor beside a trooper

Chain gun mounted below the main body

Back view showing some of the black lining I did on the piece.

A family shot with the matchbox repaint from a previous post and a Rafm Heavy Gear.

More to come,

28mm Skyhawk for 80's Pulp

I got a 3D print made of a Skyhawk for my US forces in 80's Pulp gaming:

The print was a little delicate with the side panels. I ended up breaking it twice, one of the panels and the main fuselage when I was removing the extra print material. It went back together okay though with some glue.

Another view.

More to come,

Sunday, April 23, 2017

15mm matchbox repaint

Had a chance to finish up some more 15mm scifi stuff, this time a matchbox diecast repaint.

The original

Repainted with some 15mm Darkest Star miniatures.

Another view

Back view

And a family shot with a Rafm 1/87 Heavy Gear.

More to come,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

15mm Mecha

A friend's recent passing has left me with a large quantity of 1/87 Rafm Heavy Gear minis. Honoring his wish for them to see paint I have finished a few.

Here a strider with some 15mm Darkest Star games troopers.

Another view.

A large Drive Tank with the strider.

Another view.

2 bipeds with more Darkest Star Games 15mm.

Another view.

Back view.


A biped with a Grenade Launcher by some more drive armor and troopers.

Another view

Batu and a biped mech.

Aramaki and Bomanwith another biped with an Autocannon.

Another view.

Close up.

Thinking of using some modified Age of Saints, leaving out Host abilities and just Kinetic weapons for some VOTOMS style gaming. 

Here is a sample template for a medium mech.

More to come,

Modern scenery for 28mm

I got a few of the 1/43 Fast Lanes set sold through Toys R Us here in the states.  The sets scale well for 28mm and offer a nice array of scatter terrain for your table. Below are some shots with the airport set and city set, perfect for 1980s pulp!

Firefly's team arrives to get onboard.

Tomax and Xamot arrive via cab.

Extensive Enterprises, ready to fly.

Lifeline and Quick Kick sneak in with the luggage cart.

A Greenshirt is left to cover their advance.


More to come,

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Defending the Rig!

Last of the 3 part mission has the Joes now defending the captured rig from cobra forces. Rolls were made to successfully repair the damaged turret from the previous game.

Firefly's assault team makes a strafing run in the Cobra Skycrane.

The chin turret sprays down the rigs 120mm gun but fails to take it out.

The moray approaches at high speed and attacks with missiles and the 23mm gun. The Joes end up killing the gunner with small arms fire.

The chopper is hosed down with small arms fire forcing the pilot to recover control to avoid crashing.

The moray advances and tries to destroy the 120mm turret with rocket fire.

But instead is hit square by it! Ship destroyed.

The Baronness, preciously hit with small arms fire in the FANG, drops off two Cobra soldiers and wounds another Joe.

But she is shot down by Beachhead and Dukes team kills the other two. 

With that Cobra called it a loss.

Fun series of games using a lot of different mechanics, from air support to water craft to stealth!

More to come,