Saturday, December 30, 2017

28mm 1980s Pulp Covert Operations Expert

I managed to get some more pieces done for my 1980s Pulp project.

Sneaking up for a javelin strike!

Another view

Close up

More to come,

Cleanse them with Fire! 28mm GI Joe Blowtorch

I wanted some specialists for my 1980s counter terrorist force so I did a conversion of Blowtorch from GI Joe.

I had the action figure as a kid, very cool figure.

The base of the conversion is a Crooked Dice miniature that I've modified with green stuff and some spare cabling.

Sweet fire in action, but the BATs continue to advance.

Another view of the painted final.

And a close up. The hardest part of the sculpting was making the pieces small enough to fit correctly.

More to come,

Hips, Lips, Power. THE 1980s Femme Fatale

Who doesn't love a noble born woman with a foreign accent who enjoys violence and wears a leather cat suit and librarian glasses? I know 12 yr old me did and so do I now ­čśÇ
Here she is with her terrorist kill team in tow.

I call this the "Destro" view.

I tried to paint the leather to look reflective and glossy.  I also gloss coated the model except for her face and hair that I matte coated.

More to come,

Enter the Croc Master, 28mm Cobra Reptile Trainer

So working on my 1980s Pulp project and I wanted to have a miniature for Cobra's Croc Master.  I don't know why really, he was probably one of the last figures I bought as a kid and I think most of the motivation is that he has pet crocodiles which lets face it, it's pretty cool.

In the Marvel run of comics he was more of a weirdo, and in IDW he was a straight up psychopath.

Anyway, on to the conversion:

I believe the body is from a Jungle Trooper from Maxi Mini. The head is sculpted from Green Stuff.

Some additional pieces are added with plasticard and scrap hosing.

I'm not sure where I got the whip from.

Another view. The head sculpt went pretty good I think.

Crocs are from Recreational Conflict.

Some views of the completed models:

Outside of the sunny Cobra Temple on patrol.

Back view, showing the respirator.

On the prowl!

More to come,

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!! And 15mm Objective Markers

Browsing through Thingverse I came across a set of 15mm Objective Markers for scifi gaming. I contacted my local 3D printer service and had the models printed in resin.

First the printed pieces:

These pieces requires very little cleaning. I base coated them a satin yellow or satin blue.

And finished with some miniatures.

More to come,