Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at the Lab, Free Building templates

In the spirit of giving I have loaded from the archives of the Lab some templates that I use for making foamcore buildings. Simply print these puppies out on card stock and cut away the white portions and you are left with a quick and easy template. The designs are based on 6 inches wide, I usually make a 6 inch by 6 inch base of foamcore to build from. It appears that the Blog auto scales the images, so these will have to be scaled to 6 inches wide to print accurately. I'll post some of my finished pieces for reference later. These are intended for 28mm games, hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elsewhere in the Forest...

Here some furry little heroes from Splintered Light Miniatures

Finally got around to taking some pics.

As much as I've tried getting my daughter interested in these..

She is still more interested in Giant Robots :)

I really like the figures, fun to paint and full of detail.
Now where did I leave my Mouseguard trades...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Lurks Below? Dinosaur Safari

What Lurks Below?
A land without time!
The Inner Earth!

Four teams of Hunters/Scientists enter into the Inner World in search of specimens to bring back. Each team had 500 pts to use in our Where Heroes Dare! test run of the forthcoming Hollow Earth Expedition book, What Lurks Below?

Team ROshon, back for another go in the Inner Jungles

Roy Chapman Kinsey's Team fends off an attack from Utah Raptors as they venture further into the jungles of danger!

The intrepid crew of the USS Falcon led by Captain Mongo stumble upon a feeding Theropod!

The Marano Team downs a T-Rex under a withering hail of fire after losing a porter to it's jaws. After immobilizing the giant beast, it was finished in Hand to Hand!

Captain Mongo and his sleeveless Companion Trey, walk amongst the carcasses of felled Prehistoric Beasts.

Poaching ensues with Team ROshon finishing off the Theropod wounded by Team Mongo.

"That's an ABONIMATION of Nature!"

Team Kinsey cleans up with the most victory points at the end of 7 turns with the discovery of a nest and eggs!

Lots of fun, thanks to all who made it out, I got a few more tweaks to go!

More to come

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I finished some of the Nationalist Cavalry from Empress Miniatures that I bought long ago when they were Anglian Miniatures.

Age of Glory carries the line in the US. The figures are a joy to paint, just taking sometime to get through the whole platoon. The walls are from Crescent Root Studios.

More to come,

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Invisible Terror!

A few more figures added to my Pulp collection:

"Do You Know What's Under Here?! Nothing! Nothing! Muhahhahhaa!"

"Really Ms.Page, it's getting quite desperate with you always getting tied up by strangers"

Figures by Copplestone, Reaper Miniatures, and Pulp Figures.

More to Come,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Root , Cold Wars 2011

USMC of the MNF, Multi National Force, sent in 1982 as peace keepers for a war torn Lebanon.

The figures are ones I bought long ago from Mongrel Miniatures that are now owned by Newline Designs.

Two Modern conflict loving members of our Club started gaming this period and asked the rest of us if we would like to join in and run some games for Cold Wars 2011 (pretty fitting right?). Jon and Mark both started 15mm forces, which thanks to them I have the beginnings of some PLO, and another member also has 28mm figs like myself which will give us a couple different scales to show the conflict.

So these long forgotten minis came out of cold storage and got put into my work que. Above are my first 2 out of the batch of 50 + a LVTP that I have. The woodland camo made for a nice challenge, used a couple different Ospreys, online photos, and some in depth conversation from Iron Ivan Games own Chal who wore it in the late 80's. Still looking for a good reference for the LVTP's camo scheme.

Next up will be some PLO/Amal forces to challenge the 28mm IDF that a friend is painting and also to harass the USMC. We plan on using Iron Ivan's Modern Rules supplement, Seek Out Close With And Destroy for the 28mm skirmishing.

So far the best book that I have read for the Marine experience is The Root, but looking for more.

Lastly, been very busy lately, both home, work, and hobby :) so there are a lot more posts coming up!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brunete 1937, The Republic Counterattacks!

A focus has been chosen for the ATACAD Spanish Civil War Project for Historicon 2011,
This is the Spanish Republic's big Counterattack that was meant to relieve pressure on the Northern Campaign and also destroy a Nationalist salient, but history wrote a story different from the Republican plans. Brunete offers a variety of troops, armor, and aircraft for a SCW player to field making this an exciting project.

More to come!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ATACAD! 2011 Historicon

A new Yahoo Group has been formed to gather fellow gamers interested in the Spanish Civil War and who would like to participate or host games in the upcoming Historicon 2011 Convention:

Here we will be discussing scenarios, forces and other aspects of gaming the conflict.

If you would like to try your hand at what has been called the First Battle of WW2, join us!

More to come,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is No More Room In Hell?

No More Room In Hell is the latest release from Iron Ivan Games and challenges YOU the player to SURVIVE! In a world gone Dead, literally, you must choose who will be on your team of Survivors and test the limits of your humanity.
Zombies! The Undead roam this world gone mad looking for food. In No More Room In Hell the Zombies can be player controlled or can be run by the game system itself, allowing players to work together, or against, each other in a bid to exist.

No More Room In Hell is a richly illustrated 80 page book filled with all the rules needed to form your party of Survivors, equip them, and scenarios that can be used in a campaign system. Inside you will find rules for vehicles, horses, hospitals and more! Choose your points for your party and spend them on Shot Callers, Back Ups, and Sheeple or take a chance and use the Random Survivor Generator in the Campaign section. Everything you need to experience Hell is here.

Is it just for Zombies? Oh no, Hell can have many faces, NMRIH can also be used for Post Apocalyptic gaming complete with vehicle upgrades like 50 cals or even mower blades. The Campaign rules include tables for Hunger, Trading, and Lucky Scores to test your Survivor's limits.

Think You Can Survive the Night?
Can You Survive the Bite?

Give it a try


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Island that Time Forgot, 1944

Somewhere in the Devil's Triangle, a force of USMC is lost on an uncharted island...

Hold on Mam', we'll get you down!

Holy John Moses Browning! Fire on that thing!

"Run Dan! Run for your life!"

Thought I would have a little fun with some of the Jungle terrain and dinos before I put it all away :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Lurks Below?! Hollow Earth Adventure in Where Heroes Dare!

The Treacherous Under Jungle of the Inner World, teeming with danger.

Two intrepid teams enter in search of glory and to establish a base camp. Pictured here is the Valiant Expedition, led by Professor Valiant.

The ROshon Expedition, ever ready for a challenge!

The cliffs of the Inner world, what dangers lie ahead?

The ROshon party investigates some dinosaur remains and finds Grogg, a friendly Local, who joins the party as a guide.

The Valiant team finds stranges ruins and uncover a hidden cave, perfect location for a Base Camp!

Sven Angstrom and his porter are attacked by Neanderthals with spears and the party loses a Supporter.

The ROshon party examines another carcass and discovers...

One very large Carnivore!

Two of the natives in the party become a light snack as this Titanic Terror attacks!

A chase begins with the ROshons firing while on the run from the thunder lizard!

Stay near the rocks! Find a place to hide!

The beast stops to smell for prey...

Sven, empathic to the competing party, fires a shot at the beast but fails to wound it.

Another dino is found and a Titanic battle erupts giving players a chance to escape!

The valiant team takes cover in the jungle growth as the ROshons manage to pull off a win and establish their base camp.

More to come!