What Lurks Below?! Hollow Earth Adventure in Where Heroes Dare!

The Treacherous Under Jungle of the Inner World, teeming with danger.

Two intrepid teams enter in search of glory and to establish a base camp. Pictured here is the Valiant Expedition, led by Professor Valiant.

The ROshon Expedition, ever ready for a challenge!

The cliffs of the Inner world, what dangers lie ahead?

The ROshon party investigates some dinosaur remains and finds Grogg, a friendly Local, who joins the party as a guide.

The Valiant team finds stranges ruins and uncover a hidden cave, perfect location for a Base Camp!

Sven Angstrom and his porter are attacked by Neanderthals with spears and the party loses a Supporter.

The ROshon party examines another carcass and discovers...

One very large Carnivore!

Two of the natives in the party become a light snack as this Titanic Terror attacks!

A chase begins with the ROshons firing while on the run from the thunder lizard!

Stay near the rocks! Find a place to hide!

The beast stops to smell for prey...

Sven, empathic to the competing party, fires a shot at the beast but fails to wound it.

Another dino is found and a Titanic battle erupts giving players a chance to escape!

The valiant team takes cover in the jungle growth as the ROshons manage to pull off a win and establish their base camp.

More to come!


  1. Very fun looking game - nice minis and terrain. Those critters are BIG!!


  2. A nice, simple game!

    I just discovered the very same plastic dino skeletons shown here.

  3. Doc the timing for this expansion is spot on!! Any chance of a report with a little more focus on the rules ?

    Otherwise, top stuff!

  4. Thanks guys.

    All the dinos and dino skeletons I bought for a buck each, frugal gaming!

    @Andy, I'm writing the book to be both an expansion and a campaign book with teams of explorers going into the inner world. I'm working on detailed campaign tables to show the party's successes and failures and building in some AI for the beasties and denizens of the Hollow Earth so that players don't need a GM.

    More to come!



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