What is No More Room In Hell?

No More Room In Hell is the latest release from Iron Ivan Games and challenges YOU the player to SURVIVE! In a world gone Dead, literally, you must choose who will be on your team of Survivors and test the limits of your humanity.
Zombies! The Undead roam this world gone mad looking for food. In No More Room In Hell the Zombies can be player controlled or can be run by the game system itself, allowing players to work together, or against, each other in a bid to exist.

No More Room In Hell is a richly illustrated 80 page book filled with all the rules needed to form your party of Survivors, equip them, and scenarios that can be used in a campaign system. Inside you will find rules for vehicles, horses, hospitals and more! Choose your points for your party and spend them on Shot Callers, Back Ups, and Sheeple or take a chance and use the Random Survivor Generator in the Campaign section. Everything you need to experience Hell is here.

Is it just for Zombies? Oh no, Hell can have many faces, NMRIH can also be used for Post Apocalyptic gaming complete with vehicle upgrades like 50 cals or even mower blades. The Campaign rules include tables for Hunger, Trading, and Lucky Scores to test your Survivor's limits.

Think You Can Survive the Night?
Can You Survive the Bite?

Give it a try




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