The Living Dead in Allentown...

A night of scrounging, scavenging, and being eaten by the walking dead...

Our story begins in the burned out husk of Allentown PA

My team, The Logan Boys and their Sheeple Tina

Dave's team, they find "The Loaf" at their first Survive! spot and are reduced to 6 inch moves as Mr. Handicapable puffs along with his team.

Team Al takes out aggressions on the local Fauna.

More and more Undead arrive...

My team bolt and scramble to get on top of a bus as the Zeds close in!

Tina never made it and a hard choice was made to shim behind.

Soon Burt and Greg are surrounded, Burt hacks his way through but Greg goes down and is feasted on.

Burt goes apeshit seeing his fallen friend become a Zed Happy Meal and charges into the feasting fiends, putting them down, but nothing can bring back Greg.

Team Al rescues a child and makes for a retreat out of town.

Team Dave becomes trap on the upper floor of ruins as a Horde of Zeds mill about waiting for dinner.

Not looking good!

Team Dave becomes trapped as more and more Zeds appear...

Burt too becomes trapped and Suppressed, too terrified to move and now stuck in a pair of soiled pants.

All in all Team Al did the best, finding the Essentials needed and making it's way off the table. Burt took out a stunning 9 Zeds in Hand to Hand, enraged at the loss of Greg.

Fun stuff, thanks to Al and Dave for playing and especially to Al for bringing all is awesome painted minis.

More to come!



  1. WOW!
    That looks alot like WHD! with a fresh sprinkling of "zombiegoodness" ... Me like, me like lots :-)

    Great scenery, cool models and a fun scenario. Let the "more to come" come asap please !


  2. OMG. I have a copy of Where Heroes Dare! next to me on the couch, gotta give it another read through. Looks GREAT man!

    Ray 'Doc Simian'

  3. can you tell me who makes the mini skirt lady in this picture

  4. Try the Raven's Feast Blog in my "Blogs to Follow" on the right, he is the owner.



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