Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Jedis Dare!

Where Jedis Dare!
At tonight's club game we got out some Star Wars minis and ran a Modded Where Heroes Dare! game to have some SCI-Fantasy Action!

The Planet RO-shon IV, looks like the Separatists got here first! General Skywalker and General Kenobi take their teams in search of the Jedi Holocron fabled to be left here.
5 Dare Locations are put down with one being the Holocron, who will get it first and make it to the lower levels?

Dooku and his Droid entourage advance.

The Clone Troopers hold the landing pad while the Jedis scour for the Holocron.

Anakin's team advance, blasting through the Battle Droids!

The Super Battle Droids lay down withering fire on the Alliance forces.

Ventress races to the goal and claims it as her Droids are mowed down.

Jengo Fett rockets in to blast Anakin only to have his shots deflected. Anakin charges into a Dire Duel, but Ventress cuts him down!

The Battle now rages below with no more Supporters!

Desperate fighting erupts in the lower levels. Jengo Flees a Dire Duel as his Super Battle droid is sliced to pieces by Obi Wan. Ventress and Anakin square off again, but the Jedi is again cut down and Dooku holds the Holocron!

Lots learned in this play with more to come!

To Be Continued...


Friday, July 23, 2010

¡Viva la Muerte! Spain 1936

Welcome to Spain 1936! We played a March on Madrid game the other night with IBers and FAI militias squaring off against Nationalist infantry, Guardia Civil, and some Carlist Requetes.

The Nationalists advance on the pueblos on toward Madrid.

The Nationalist force made up of Carlist Requetes, Guardia Civil and Peninsula Infantry bolstered by Italian CV33s and some FT-17s.

The quiet streets of the Pueblo.

The Nationalist Infantry advances, RAPIDO! RAPIDO!

Guardia Civil quickly take cover in a shell hole as the FT-17 winches forward.

Por Cristo! The Carlists advance to the Manor House.

The IBer's and FAI militia advance on the Republican side, the Manor House must be secured!

Nationalist forces pour into the backs of the buildings taking up firing positions.

A T-26, fresh from Russia, brews up the tiny FT-17. Muchas Gracias Senor Stalina!

The IBers take up firing positions to support the troops advance on the Manor House.

The Manor House becomes a butcher's house as grenades fly, melee ensues, and point blank shooting tear the insides apart.

The Anarchists vote to not support the IBers charge. So much for Solidarity!

The T-26s, the Tigers of the Peninsula, pound away at the Nationalists holed up in the Manor House but are unable to dislodge them.

In the end the Nationalists succeeded in capturing and holding the Manor House as the Republican forces ran out of troops. Another defensive line will have to be drawn!

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Pulp Action for Where Heroes Dare!

The last and final Chapter of the Shield of the Gods .pdf, Where Heroes Dare! Campaign is complete and now in the Iron Ivan Games store. Captain Achilles and his stalwart gang take the fight to Kong Fang's door, deep beneath the earth! 15 Pages covering the ultimate showdown complete with Character lists, table map, scenario rules, and all the insidious secrets buried in the Caverns of Fang. What is the Ritual that Kong Fang is trying to complete? What secrets do the mercury pools hide? What is Jade Spear of Sun Tzu? Find out all this and more in The Lair of Kong Fang, Where Heroes Dare!

But Wait! There's More!

The Where Heroes Dare! Dossier is now available in the Iron Ivan Games store. Want something to take the work out of Character creation? Want to create a slew of minions quickly to fill an evening's adventure? Well the Dossier is the perfect tool. The Dossier is a .pdf file with built in functionality to calculate a Character with drop down menus for choices and smart fields to record data. You will still need the WHD! book, but only for reference when using the Dossier which has the choices for Character creation contained within. Priced at just $3 and sized the same as a 3" x 5" card, you could start building your own Pulp Dossier files today!

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Bench...

Some pics of what I'm currently painting, Pulp stuff for a friend wit some SCW cavalry mixed in. Next up will be Modern US figures by Devil Dog design and the beginnings of my Hollow Earth German force, The Unterwehr. Also looking at a special project for Fall In using some 28mm 1980's USMC....


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the Hall of Dinosaurs!

I had to do some quick painting for this year's Historicon and thought I would share some pics of the figures with some recently acquired dinosaur skeletons.

Minions of Kong Fang

More Tong gunmen from Pulp Figures

Some West Wind Figures for Basmachi

Kong Fang's devoted Servants

Tong axe men from Pulp Figures for a Dire Dueling team in Where Heroes Dare!

To Be Continued...