¡Viva la Muerte! Spain 1936

Welcome to Spain 1936! We played a March on Madrid game the other night with IBers and FAI militias squaring off against Nationalist infantry, Guardia Civil, and some Carlist Requetes.

The Nationalists advance on the pueblos on toward Madrid.

The Nationalist force made up of Carlist Requetes, Guardia Civil and Peninsula Infantry bolstered by Italian CV33s and some FT-17s.

The quiet streets of the Pueblo.

The Nationalist Infantry advances, RAPIDO! RAPIDO!

Guardia Civil quickly take cover in a shell hole as the FT-17 winches forward.

Por Cristo! The Carlists advance to the Manor House.

The IBer's and FAI militia advance on the Republican side, the Manor House must be secured!

Nationalist forces pour into the backs of the buildings taking up firing positions.

A T-26, fresh from Russia, brews up the tiny FT-17. Muchas Gracias Senor Stalina!

The IBers take up firing positions to support the troops advance on the Manor House.

The Manor House becomes a butcher's house as grenades fly, melee ensues, and point blank shooting tear the insides apart.

The Anarchists vote to not support the IBers charge. So much for Solidarity!

The T-26s, the Tigers of the Peninsula, pound away at the Nationalists holed up in the Manor House but are unable to dislodge them.

In the end the Nationalists succeeded in capturing and holding the Manor House as the Republican forces ran out of troops. Another defensive line will have to be drawn!

To Be Continued...


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