Where Jedis Dare!

Where Jedis Dare!
At tonight's club game we got out some Star Wars minis and ran a Modded Where Heroes Dare! game to have some SCI-Fantasy Action!

The Planet RO-shon IV, looks like the Separatists got here first! General Skywalker and General Kenobi take their teams in search of the Jedi Holocron fabled to be left here.
5 Dare Locations are put down with one being the Holocron, who will get it first and make it to the lower levels?

Dooku and his Droid entourage advance.

The Clone Troopers hold the landing pad while the Jedis scour for the Holocron.

Anakin's team advance, blasting through the Battle Droids!

The Super Battle Droids lay down withering fire on the Alliance forces.

Ventress races to the goal and claims it as her Droids are mowed down.

Jengo Fett rockets in to blast Anakin only to have his shots deflected. Anakin charges into a Dire Duel, but Ventress cuts him down!

The Battle now rages below with no more Supporters!

Desperate fighting erupts in the lower levels. Jengo Flees a Dire Duel as his Super Battle droid is sliced to pieces by Obi Wan. Ventress and Anakin square off again, but the Jedi is again cut down and Dooku holds the Holocron!

Lots learned in this play with more to come!

To Be Continued...



  1. very very cool my son would love this

  2. I think the game looks great, but it should be called "Where Space Knights Dare"

  3. That`s awesome, I tried something similar in WHD a while ago, I found that the game lend itself easily to `build` the different characters and weapons of the setting.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun, would you consider sharing the charactor profiles and rules conversions?


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