The Root , Cold Wars 2011

USMC of the MNF, Multi National Force, sent in 1982 as peace keepers for a war torn Lebanon.

The figures are ones I bought long ago from Mongrel Miniatures that are now owned by Newline Designs.

Two Modern conflict loving members of our Club started gaming this period and asked the rest of us if we would like to join in and run some games for Cold Wars 2011 (pretty fitting right?). Jon and Mark both started 15mm forces, which thanks to them I have the beginnings of some PLO, and another member also has 28mm figs like myself which will give us a couple different scales to show the conflict.

So these long forgotten minis came out of cold storage and got put into my work que. Above are my first 2 out of the batch of 50 + a LVTP that I have. The woodland camo made for a nice challenge, used a couple different Ospreys, online photos, and some in depth conversation from Iron Ivan Games own Chal who wore it in the late 80's. Still looking for a good reference for the LVTP's camo scheme.

Next up will be some PLO/Amal forces to challenge the 28mm IDF that a friend is painting and also to harass the USMC. We plan on using Iron Ivan's Modern Rules supplement, Seek Out Close With And Destroy for the 28mm skirmishing.

So far the best book that I have read for the Marine experience is The Root, but looking for more.

Lastly, been very busy lately, both home, work, and hobby :) so there are a lot more posts coming up!



  1. Sweet! They look better than mine do right now. The camo pattern is tough to do in 15mm. It's easy for it to end up too regular looking.

  2. Very nice! I am looking forward to seeing this develop.

  3. Jayson - They are awesome. Can you share how you did the camo?

  4. Thanks guys, Camo was a base of Vallejo Reflective green, then dry brushed with white and Reflective green. I then used a light khaki for and did an irregular zig zag to each limb and side. I repeated with a medium brown and then connected with some black Y shapes.



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