RUNEBOUND! Painted minis

From time to time I take a few commissions from friends to paint and the last one I received was for some figures for the Runebound Boardgame.  The pieces range from flat to slightly less flat with some details here and there but they took the paint well.  Here are the pieces and their respective cards used as reference:

 Not my favorite out of the bunch, but the robe had some good motion to it.

 I love this guy's grin, he's all swagger.

 I feel like this is one of those guys you don't want to spend a lot of time around, BUT you do want him on your side.

 She looks like someone who would eat a lot of granola.

 She was a pretty good sculpt, fun to paint.

 I liked this guy, the squatty pose, the poison dripping knife and ManKind mask, good stuff!

 One-Fist, I get the name, but no one wants that as a name.

 Another fun robe paint.

 This guy was one of the best, lots of details.


Its always better to have Mordrog than Lessdrog.

More to come,


  1. Gorgeous stuff Doc. You bring good games to life. ONE FIST!

  2. Lovely stuff and you made me laugh with GOAT BOY! :) +10 Xp!


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