Zombies in Prypiat, Ukraine!

The Mad Professor Stine ran a Zombie game for a few of us this past weekend in the irradiated wastes of the ruined Ukrainian city, Prypiat.

The radiation poisoned streets of Prypiat, what horrors lie in wait?

Comrade Rob provides support to Comrade Merkury. The objective is to rescue 3 survivors or take 3 successful readings on the canisters.

Yuri! What has become of you!

Desperate melee ensues!

Flanking and fighting as a last resort get the last 2 members of the Red Guard to complete the objective and exit off the table. These suits were contaminant proof right?

We ran this game using Keith's Iron Ivan Games Prypiat .pdf and Eureka's 28mm miniatures. Good stuff!

More to come,


  1. Yet another cool board and I really like the guys in the rad suits.


  2. Thanks, Keith did a great job painting the minis. I really like the Soviets.



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