Establishing a Base Camp in the Hollow Earth AAR

More Thrilling Adventure in the Hollow Earth, Where Heroes Dare!

9 Rugged Teams of Adventurers enter into the Inner Earth in search of glory. The objective of this game was to find the best location for a Base Camp, and hold onto it :)

Team ROshon advances out and solves the first Dare! locations discovering fresh water, +2 VP and a good start at a Base Camp.

The vast jungle of the Core World.

The intrepid team of ToddD makes it's Where Heroes Dare! debut.

Blake Sissken leads the team.

The Cult of Al suffers the first Dino casualty as Cultist #4 gets pancaked by a Sauropod!

One of the last surviving photos of Mongo's team of Boat People.

The Kinsey Expedition discovers an abandoned 75mm Field Gun, oddly covered in blood...

Roy Chapman Kinsey's force is attacked by a pack of Raptors. In the background can be seen the Sauropod that Kinso Slice took down in a single shot, but luck changed as the Raptors killed him to the last man.

The game was a lot of fun, Dinos, back stabbing, shaky alliances, it had it all.

To Be Continued...



  1. You took some nice pictures there. Very nice minis and tale!

  2. Love the report, minis and toy dinos! My kids would love this stuff.

    I am off to order a set of rules :)

  3. Thanks all, the dino rules are about complete, I need to make some mechanics for solo play and also flesh out all the scenarios.

    More to come!



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