28mm Army of Africa Moroccans for Spanish Civil War

By request here is my complete group of Moroccans for Spanish Civil War gaming. I said 60+, but it turned out to be 50+ unless I didn't dig all of them out!

What you see here is an Early War Army of Africa force consisting of 2 Pelotons of infantry, a command group and 2 LMG teams. Typically you would only at best see 1 LMG team per Peloton as they were rare in the SCW.

I also upgrade 4 troops in one Escuadra to Tank Sappers with crow bars and explosives. Just the thing for pesky T-26s with green crews.

My next step is to label the bottoms of each base with a colored label that calls out which group they belong with and rank. Then it's straight to storage until I can strong someone in to playing again 😂

The whole Rifle Seccion, 2 Pelotons of 3 Escuadras each with supporting LMG teams and Command.

The troops are a mix of Empress and Force of Arms so I have 2 Tenientes!

Figures mix well, here is an Empress LMG team. Never did here historical evidence if there were Moroccan HMG teams, if there is a source out there, please let me know!

More to come,


  1. A great looking force over all.
    And I don't see why they wouldn't have access to at least one HMG crew.

  2. What I read before, was after the disaster in Morocco in the Rif War, that the native levies were not trusted with HMGS in the Army of Africa for fear of them being turned against friendly forces. I haven't seen any photo evidence or written reference siting Moroccan HMG teams in the war. Nationalist accounts in English are hard to come by, books like Peter Kemp's journal. I would love to photo or footage of one in action.

  3. Wonderful figures, great details on the close ups!

  4. Glad to see the Republic is still alive with you. Just got back into this again. This time I am planning on doing the period with Bolt Action. Too bad you are several states away. I would love to game with you.

  5. I would make a Moroccan HMG team anyways. just toss some Moroccan looking heads on a team and there you go.
    Speaking of Moroccans, where did you get the Force of Arms figs from? I can not
    find out who is makeing those figs these days.

  6. Thanks, I still might make the HMG team. Now it's more of whether I pick up the miniatures needed at a con or not. I think the Force of Arms miniatures ended up under Burns Miniatures, but not sure.

  7. dashetal, good to hear from you! I still make it out to Conventions from time to time if you are looking for a game.


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