28mm Spanish Civil War Moroccans

A force of 60+ Moroccans is now finished for my Nationalist forces. Used as shock troops by Franco, these soldiers fought with a record for bravery all through out the war.
Command team.

Safe place to fire!

Steady advance

A lot of variety with the uniforms. If you like variety of troops and cool uniforms mixed with ww1 and ww2 style warfare, this is the period for you!

More to come,


  1. 60+ Moroccans! That's a pretty good size force. What rules are you going to us for them? Triumph and tragedy? Chain of Command? Bolt-action?
    Can we get a look of the whole force?

    1. Thanks! I'll get a post of the whole force up next post. I'm using the Primera Batalla rules I wrote for Iron Ivan Games, not because they are better than any other, it just that they are committed to memory for me.

  2. Great work.
    Very impressive photo


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