A day of gaming at Army Group York

I had a chance to game with the guys at Army Group York for the day.

First game we played was a 6mm samurai game run by Steve who used Greg's ACW ruleset, Altar of Freedom, adapted for the period.

I advance my army against Greg's

And I suffer horrible rolls all throughout the game but Greg also hits my weakest forces with his strongest, rolling up my flank.

A look at some of my last moments!

Lots of fun and the rules were very easy to pick up.

Next I dug out some of my Spanish Covil War stuff to run a 28mm game using Iron Ivan Games Primera Batalla rules.

This was a early war scenario, 1936, with FAI militias and Asaltos trying to take a building captured by Franco's Army of Africa and rebel Guardia Civile forces.

Some Morrocans of the Army of Africa, figures by Empress and Force of Arma.

Spanish Foreign Legionaires

Loyalist militia forces

The rail line.

Panzer I of the Spanish Foreign Legion.

An anarchist Tiznao.


And more

A FT-17 on the train.



In the end the Rebels won, I should have set less defenders and added some flanking forces.

Last game I got to play was Hammerin iron which was an Erican Civil War naval game.

We each got 2 ships to use. Rules played very fast and easy and I quickly lost my cottan clad ship!

Thanks to the club for hosting the games and letting me drag my stuff in.

More to come, Doc


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