An Iron Ivan Gaming day at Army Group York, Part 1

I had the opportunity to game some Seek Out, Close With and Destroy at the Army Group York gaming club just recently with the rule book's author, Chal and Greg who wrote Altar of Freedom.

The premise of the game was a What If? of 1982 Lebanon with the USMC being cleared of their restrictive ROE to clear a Druse FO post that was being used to shell the Marines positions.

The table, a ramshackle settlement occupied by the Druse militia.

Another view

 The Druse have fortified their positions with DSHKs and Recoiless rifles.

USMC led by Chal and Greg enter the table edge with support from a LVTP-7.

 And some armor by way of a M60 MBT.

 The Druse also have a T34/85 placed in a building.

 USMC advances with smoke for cover.

 The Druse open fire with snipers, rpgs and heavy weapons.

 The T34 gets brewed by an ATGM!

Marines fall back under heavy fire on the right flank and attempt to go up the left.  In the end the Druse were able to repel the USMC for 4 turns, but not without losses.  Fun game with a lot of asset management.  Thanks to all that played!

More to come,


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