The Lair of Kong Fang Part 1

What Evil Lurks beneath the Long Tomb of Doom? The very lair of Kong Fang!

Mongo was foolish enough to give me several cans of spray insulation to begin the work on the final table for Cold Wars 2010.

Here a mad dream takes form. Soon damp caverns will begin taking shape along with pools of mercury. Is this the source of Kong Fang's longevity?

The next step will be a coat of plaster followed by sand and wood glue.
To be Continued....


  1. Oh wow! I never considered using for quick and dirty caverns. What a great idea.

  2. That looks awesome man. I was a FOOL!!! How many cans did that take? I can't wait to see the Mercury pools. Beautifully Pulpy idea!

  3. What is the yellowish stuff that looks like butterscotch lava?

  4. Yellow stuff is wood glue and will eventually be the mercury pools, the source of Kong Fang's alchemy.



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