Madness in Morocco!

The second Chapter following Big Trouble in Little Trainyards finds our Hero, Detective Ace Drummond, tracking the Sky Pirates of Captain Roxy to Morrocco where they plan to exchange their stolen goods, a Ray Proof Suit, for their promised wage, but Ace secures the local French Foreign Legion and some old friends to stop them .

Morocco in Doctor Merkury's Lab

Another view.

The rugged Darla advances into the palace grounds with her legionaires.

Drummond's old war buddy Hogan leads a group of Berber Allies up to a Dare! Location.

Roxy blows down the door to the palace looking for her contact.

After navigating the camel swollen streets, Ace heads for a Dare! location with legionaires.

Team Hogan discovers a lost idol, but still no sign of the Pirates contact!

Add ImageThe Pirates find Abduhl Amin, their contact. Now time to escape!

The Bridge collapses trapping Caesar, Ace's trusty bulldog, leaving him no choice but to carry onward without him.

Ace hustles toward Roxy's band.

The Legionaires exchange vicious fire with the Pirates!

The Pirates jump from the palace roof into the waiting truck while taking fire!

The Pirates made good their escape even under withering fire. Ace was short a few Berbers and Legionaires, but he still had a case to close. Next up the final Chapter in the Atlas Mountains!



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