Gamma WALT

Our Heroes found themselves trapped in the Post Apocalyptic amusement park known only as FUN LAND. Escorted in by stun staff wielding, robed, Mouse masked or Duck Masked silent Guardians, they were processed and forced to work 20 hour days at rides that no one used and food service stands that for a half hour of each day dispensed a purple liquid that smelled like meat. The players sabotaged the rides they were at and managed to overtake some of the Guardians discovering that each had WALT's head on it's body, but with spidery legs. WALT was the man on all the vid screens telling them what to do. The adventure ended with the players crashing the Walt's Wild Rocket ride into Walt's Castle destroying everything. Buried in rubble the players have many mysteries to solve; What is Walt? Why were there headless bodies in the Rocket? Where was the rocket going? And did the Guardians survive the blast?

More to come...


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