The Long Tomb of Doom...

Work has begun on the next Chapter of Shield of the Gods campaign game slotted for Cold Wars 2010, picking up after the Devil at Delphi is The Long Tomb of Doom. Helping me was none other than Dr. Mindbender's apprentice, Mongo. Deep within his Lab/Playroom we began feverishly studying pictures of The Great Wall of China and cutting foam.

A key ingredient to any project, wood glue which is used to glue the foam pieces together.

The Great Wall begins to take shape. The table itself will be 4 2' x 2' tiles that the wall will rest upon separately.

The wall itself will be 3 separate pieces and represents a long forgotten, ruined section which is hiding the entrance to Kong Fang's lair.

Interior of the building section of the wall.

Another view of the progress.

Bricking has begun with a soldering gun, burning in details and brick lines.

To be continued...



  1. I look badass as a Cobra villian. Somebody needs to sculpt an action figure of me!
    Mongo, of the basement.

  2. You still need a handle bar mustache and a monocle to complete the outfit. And maybe a purple cape..."This I Command!"



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